Game Guide


2023-05-18 10:00

Item Information

Where exactly Kiara is from is a mystery, but it appears to resemble a fox.

  • Can be registered as a Farmhand appearance
  • Powerstone Pet
  • Bound when used
  • Basic Level:LV. 55
Skill Information

Kiara can perform the following skill.

Image Name Distance Cooldown Description
Kiara's Focus 0~6m 90s Increases the owner's Focus by 1500 and Shield Defense Penetration by 15% for 6 seconds.
[Right-click to activate auto-use]
  • Effect disappears when the Powerstone Pet is not being used.

How to Receive

  • Can be purchased at Marketplace.
  • Can be obtained from 'Kiara Spirit Bundle' (Link), which can be purchased at Marketplace from After May 18, 2023 Maintenance ~ Before June 1, 2023 Maintenance. (1 per account)
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