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[Area] Nuia ContinentArea

2020-10-11 11:00
Nuia is a continent commonly referred to as the West Continent and is made up of 15 regions and is home to Nuians and Elves.

Nuia Continent is being separated from Haranya Continent (East Continent) by a vast amount of waters called seas namely Halcyona Gulf, Castaway Strait and Feuille Sound.

Nuia's central city is called Marianople and is considered a protected area. This is highly in contrast with Caernord, the central city of the East Continent as in the game, it is considered as a neutral area.

Because a considerable number of regions (protected areas) belongs to temperate climates, life in the Western Continent is somewhat superior to that of the Eastern Continent.

Geographical Names and Climate

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