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[Area] Haranya ContinentArea

2020-10-13 09:18
Haranya is the eastern continent in the ArcheAge world. It is currently spread across 14 unique regions and is home to two playable races, the Firran and Harani.

And as in the realistic Asian region, the western region is a desert like the Middle East, the central region is a Mongolian steppe, and the eastern region is in the form of buildings more like China and Korea.

The climate consists of temperate, arid, and tropical. There are no cold areas and most of them are warm or hot.

The capital Mahadevi in the City of Towers and Austera in Solis Headlands.

The beautiful architectural style of Hasla home for the Harani race. The Islamic culture of the Firran race located in Falcorth Plains.

Geographical Names and Climate

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