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[Area] Mirage IsleArea

2020-10-21 19:18
Welcome to Mirage Isle!

“You can’t live in Mirage Isle but you can buy housey-house there.” - Mirage Isle Gate NPC

All players can purchase various designs of vehicles, houses, ships on Mirage Isle. You can also experience the contents of ArcheAge (House, Ship, Castle, Farm, Vehicle, etc.) on Mirage Isle.

 You can enter the isle by using the “Mirage Isle Portal” next to a Mirage Isle Guide. Each town or zone has a “Mirage Isle Portal”. You may exit the isle by using the “Mirage Isle Exit Portal” or by clicking the exit button on the top right window. Upon exit, you’ll return to your location before entering the portal.

The isle is decorated with real and sample items available from Mirage Isle. After fully viewing or using the decorated objects, you may decide which items you want to purchase.
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