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[Beginner] TransportationBeginner

2020-10-22 10:00
The world of ArcheAge called Erenor is vast and wide. Roaming through and across the continents might prove to be difficult unless one knows of the travel methods that are available in the game.

In ArcheAge, one can travel by Land wherein you can ride a mount that may resemble a Horse or a Lion or a Deer. One may also choose to ride a car or a cart or even on a longboard too. There are also free rides that are being managed by the Vehicle Conductor. These are called merchant wagons and freely move from one place to another.

Travel by Air is mostly catered by Airships which stations are placed in different locations across Erenor, and this too can be used freely by everyone. Also, The game also offers different kinds of Gliders which let your character glide in the air for about 2 minutes. It is highly suggested to use a glider once your character reaches a highest peak like on top of the houses or mountain ranges.

If one wishes to travel by the sea and journey to different continents in the game, there are boats and ships that are available to be crafted and/or one may use a Merchant Ship for free which can ferry users to specific piers within Erenor.
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