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[Beginner] LaborBeginner

2020-11-01 11:00
Labor is a consumable personal resource commonly used in collection, processing and production activities. From uprooting grass to building huge castles, all the activities at ArcheAge require the labor of the players.

Labor is displayed at the bottom left of the game screen, just above XP bar (Hover over the mouse for detailed tooltips).

Amount of the consumed labor varies depending on the type of activity.In general, the harder and more complex the activity, the more labor is consumed and the labor required for the activity can be found directly in the tooltips.For activities that require labor, such as gathering and mining, etc., the labor to be consumed will be displayed by hovering the mouse over the resource and the labor required to process materials or produce finished products can be checked by clicking on workbenches or opening Folio.

Players are free to do gathering, process and harvesting as long as he/she has labor. However, the labor must be recharged if the labor is exhausted or not enough for the activity.

Bed can be used to relax and regenerate labor, or it can be regenerated using Adventurer's Winged Elixir which is obtainable by joining an event. The labor also can be regenerated by entering the Territory Oasis wearing the Territory Bathing Suit.

The labor is largely divided into Account Labor and Server Labor:

Account Labor
- It is labor that can be used by all characters in the account regardless of the server.
- The default maximum amount is 5,000, and up to 6,000 can be held depending on the Arche Life level.

Server Labor
- This is labor that can only be used on a server where labor is recharged.
- It is consumed earlier than Account Labor.
- The maximum amount per server is 3,000.
- It is recharged by using Bound Labor Recharger.
- Up to 10,000 can be recharged by using the labor recharger for a day and the cumulative recharged labor is displayed by hovering the mouse over the labor.
- The cumulative recharged labor applies to all characters in the account and is reset daily at midnight.
- The more the cumulative recharged labor, the lower the charging efficiency when using Bound Labor Recharger. Charging efficiency is displayed as High, Normal, or Low depending on the degree and applies to all characters in the account.
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