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[Beginner] UI & Basic InformationBeginner

2020-11-03 18:57

1. Character status: Health and Mana pool along your Character Name. Buffs are also displayed here. You may know more info by hovering your cursor.
2. Target information: NPC or other player’s Health and Mana.
3. Local information and brief map: Current time and map where the character is located.
4. Quest Lists and Achievements: Tracks and shows you the list of your current quests. You can also view your daily contracts and track level based on the quests.
5. Menu: Main menu collection such as bag, quest, character information, skill, community, ranking information, etc.
6. Shortcut Bar: Shortcut windows of skill, emotes and in-game actions.
7. Experience and labor points: Exp progress towards the next level and labor points.
8. Chat window: Information and chat.
9. Interaction: An action symbol when you interact with NPC, resources, buildings, etc.

And this is a simple guide on how to control the keyboard.

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