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[Equipment] Erenor Equipment (Part 1) (Edited 2/25)Equipment

2020-11-25 13:00
※ The following content has been updated for Nui Server and Tahyang Server.
※ We will update some of this content on Gene Server in the future.

Equipment Erenor

Basic information
Introducing the top-level crafted item: Erenor Equipment.


- Awakening can turn legendary or higher grade Erenor equipment into Radiant Erenor equipment.
- Awakening can turn mythic or higher grade Radiant Erenor Equipment into Brilliant Erenor equipment.
Before Awakening 1st awakening 2nd awakening
Image Name Image Name Image Name
 Erenor Helm  Radiant Erenor Helm  Brilliant Erenor Helm
 Erenor Cuirass Radiant Erenor Cuirass ; Brilliant Erenor Cuirass
 Erenor Greaves Radiant Erenor Greaves Brilliant Erenor Greaves
 Erenor Gauntlets Radiant Erenor Gauntlets Brilliant Erenor Gauntlets
 Erenor Sabatons Radiant Erenor Sabatons ; Brilliant Erenor Sabatons
 Erenor Vambraces Radiant Erenor Vambraces Brilliant Erenor Vambraces
 Erenor Tassets ; Radiant Erenor Tassets Brilliant Erenor Tassets
 Erenor Cap Radiant Erenor Cap Brilliant Erenor Cap
 Erenor Jerkin Radiant Erenor Jerkin Brilliant Erenor Jerkin
 Erenor Breeches Radiant Erenor Breeches Brilliant Erenor Breeches
 Erenor Fists Radiant Erenor Fists Brilliant Erenor Fists
 Erenor Boots ; Radiant Erenor Boots Brilliant Erenor Boots
 Erenor Guards Radiant Erenor Guards Brilliant Erenor Guards
 Erenor Belt Radiant Erenor Belt Brilliant Erenor Belt
 Erenor Hood Radiant Erenor Hood Brilliant Erenor Hood
 Erenor Shirt Radiant Erenor Shirt Brilliant Erenor Shirt
 Erenor Pants Radiant Erenor Pants Brilliant Erenor Pants
 Erenor Gloves Radiant Erenor Gloves Brilliant Erenor Gloves
 Erenor Shoes Radiant Erenor Shoes Brilliant Erenor Shoes
 Erenor Sleeves Radiant Erenor Sleeves Brilliant Erenor Sleeves
 Erenor Sash Radiant Erenor Sash Brilliant Erenor Sash
 Erenor Dagger Radiant Erenor Dagger Brilliant Erenor Dagger
 Erenor Sword Radiant Erenor Sword Brilliant Erenor Sword
 Erenor Greatsword ; Radiant Erenor Greatsword Brilliant Erenor Greatsword
 Erenor Katana ; Radiant Erenor Katana Brilliant Erenor Katana
 Erenor Nodachi Radiant Erenor Nodachi Brilliant Erenor Nodachi
 Erenor Axe Radiant Erenor Axe Brilliant Erenor Axe
 Erenor Greataxe Radiant Erenor Greataxe Brilliant Erenor Greataxe
 Erenor Club Radiant Erenor Club Brilliant Erenor Club
 Erenor Greatclub Radiant Erenor Greatclub Brilliant Erenor Greatclub
 Erenor Shortspear Radiant Erenor Shortspear Brilliant Erenor Shortspear
 Erenor Longspear Radiant Erenor Longspear Brilliant Erenor Longspear
 Erenor Scepter Radiant Erenor Scepter Brilliant Erenor Scepter
 Erenor Staff Radiant Erenor Staff Brilliant Erenor Staff
 Erenor Bow Radiant Erenor Bow Brilliant Erenor Bow
 Erenor Shield Radiant Erenor Shield Brilliant Erenor Shield
 Erenor Lute Radiant Erenor Lute Brilliant Erenor Lute
 Erenor Flute Radiant Erenor Flute Brilliant Erenor Flute

Before Awaken After Awaken
Image Name Image Name
 Erenor Necklace  Radiant Erenor Necklace
 Erenor Earring  Radiant Erenor Earring
 Erenor Ring  Radiant Erenor Ring

- Awakening will turn Ayanad Cloak into refreshed Erenor Cloak.
- Sealing and unsealing will turn old Erenor Cloak into refreshed Erenor Cloak.
- Awakening will turn mythic or higher grade Erenor Cloak into Radiant Erenor Cloak.
- Awakening will not alter its existing synthesis effects and grant the equipment an additional effect.
- Awakening material, Erenor Cloak Awakening Scroll, can be crafted at Proven Warrior Workbench.
- You can obtain Radiant Erenor Cloak with different name modifiers in the same grade by Sealing and unsealing using Transmuter.
Before Awakening After Awakening
Image Name Image Name
 Erenor Windsong Cloak  Radiant Erenor Windsong Cloak
 Erenor Twintail Cloak Radiant Erenor Twintail Cloak
 Erenor Bastion Cloak Radiant Erenor Bastion Cloak
 Erenor Arrowflash Cloak Radiant Erenor Arrowflash Cloak
 Erenor Hatchetblade Cloak Radiant Erenor Hatchetblade Cloak


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Synthesis Effect

Synthesis Effect of Rank 1 Weapon/Armor/Accessory
Synthetic effects are classified into 3 groups of effects except for the cloak.
Only one effect can be chosen from each group and the same type of effect can be chosen only once.

- Main effect: Random one of strength/Agility/health/intelligence/spirit as the main stat.
- Secondary effect: A secondary stat that appears from the Hero Grade, Random one of strength/Agility/health/intelligence/spirit as secondary effects
- Additional effect: This is an additional effect that appears from a specific level, and the effects that can be selected for each area are different.
> Additional effects of weapons, musical instruments, bows, and armor appear at the Divine Grade.
> Accessory can have both main and additional effects at all Grades.
> List of additional effects
1) Weapon : Attack Speed / Cast Time / 3 types of Critical Rate / Critical Heal Rate
2) Instrument : 3 types of attack power / healing power
3) Bow : Defense Penetration / Resistance Penetration / Continuous Health Regen / Post-Cast Mana Regen
4) Armor : Additional effects that can be obtained vary slightly for each part
-Common: Maximum Health / Max Mana / Invigorated Healing
Evasion Rate: Head, Feet
Parry: Chest, Wrist, Waist
Shield Block: Legs, Hands
5) Accessory
-Necklace: Maximum Health / Max Mana / Magic Defense Penetration / Defense Penetration / Magic Defense / Critical Heal Rate
-Earrings: Magic Defense / Evasion Rate / Damage Decrease / Parry Rate / Cast Time / Max Health / Max Mana
-Ring: Magic Defense / Attack Speed / Cast Time / Defense Penetration / 3 Types of Skill Damage / Max Health / Max Mana

- Erenor and Ayand Cloak have the same synthesis effect list. Each Awakening grants Erenor Cloak an additional Synthesis Effect.
- One of the two Basic Synthesis Effect will be chosen.
- Serendipity Stones can replace one of the Synthetic effects in Erenor, Delphinad, and Ayanad Cloaks.
Cloak Type Basic Synthesis Effect Erenor Cloak Radiant Erenor Cloak
Windsong Cloak Defense Penetration
Ranged Critical Damage
3 random effects from the list below:
Received Healing Post-Cast Mana Regen
Fixed Melee Damage Reduction
Fixed Ranged Damage Reduction
Fixed Magic Damage Reduction
Max Mana
Continuous Health Regen
4 random effects from the list below:
Received Healing Post-Cast Mana Regen
Fixed Melee Damage Reduction
Fixed Ranged Damage Reduction
Fixed Magic Damage Reduction
Max Mana
Continuous Health Regen
Twintail Cloak Magic Defense
Max Health
Bastion Cloak Healing Power
Critical Heal Bonus
Arrowflash Cloak Backstab Melee Damage
Critical Heal Bonus
Hatchetblade Cloak Magic Defense Penetration
Magic Critical Damage


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