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[Area] Eastern Hiram Mountains Area

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In the Eastern Hiram Mountains, there is the Hall of Warriors, where the Hiram builds and develops himself as warriors.
Those who attend the Maturity Ceremony can apply to the Hall of Warriors, and those who pass the exam are allowed to train as soldiers.
After completing the training process, the soldiers became the spears and shields of the Hiram tribe to protect the tribe.
The Eastern Hiram Mountains have plateaus, slopes, green forests and grasslands, which are useful for testing and training the strength of warriors, respectively. However, after the Garden Gate closed, the Eastern Hiram Mountains froze and became a land that could not be visited.
After a very long time, the frozen land slowly thawed, making the Eastern Hiram Mountains habitable for the Hiram tribe.
The Hiram tribe lights a fire in the Hall of Warriors to train soldiers again, but the entire Eastern Hiram Mountains is destroyed by the Abyssal Legion.

Location Information 

Area Level: Ancestral 10 - 25
Climate: Different Climate [Cold / Moderate]
Entrance area: Western Hiram Mountains
Friend Faction: The Hiram Tribe
Enemy Faction: Abyssal Legion Alliance

Notes on Entering Eastern Hiram Mountains 

The Eastern Hiram Mountains can be entered from the Western Hiram Mountains.
There is a snowball on its way from West to East, which can cause damage from the coldness of the ball.
Prepare the Tamed Owlina that you will get when you complete the race quest in the Western Hiram Mountains, or prepare healing skills and start your journey.


There are four locations that you can store in the Teleport Book, and all Faction cannot fight due to the "Protection of the Hiram" status while in the base.

▲ Headquarters location in Eastern Hiram Mountains

Detail Area

Hall of Warriors

Frozen Highlands

Waterfall Stairs

Ebon Timber

Amaitan Meadows

Abyssal Legion Base Camp

Main Quest

Find Commander Andega, at the second floor of Hiram Cave's entrance, and take the <East Path> quest.
Available after completing Main Quest in Western Hiram Mountains.

Main Quest List

Main Quest Order Quest title NPC Quest Quest Objectives
Hiram Mountains Chapter 4.
Hall of the Frozen Champion
1 East Line Commander Andega Meet the Captain 
2 Make a Tent Lewia Burn Cobwebs

Light the Stone Lantern

Collect Snowfield Meat
3 MIssing Scout Lewia Find the Traces of the Missing scout
4 Looking for Scouts Suspicious Snow Pile Find Frozen blood
5 Serpent Horrors Wounded Scout Collect Corrupted haradium
6 Signs of Corruption Wounded Scout Deliver the bag containing the damaged Haradium
7 Haradium Research  Enos Gather haradium research Data 
8 Experiment Enos Use a damaged Haradium Specimen 
Hiram Mountains Chapter 5. Ramaha's Test 1 Problems Spread Scout Member talk to Yser, Scouting Commander to find Stair Falls campsite
2 Gate of Strength  Isora Walk into the Waterfall 
3 A test of Strength Gatekeeper of Strength Destroy the Haradium weapon Builder 
4 Massacre Gatekeeper of Strength Talk to Enos, High Preistess at Camping Staircase Falls 
5 Three Gates Enos Talk to the Scout Leader in Black Forest camp
6 Black Forest Investigation  Soboron Find the Haradium Olinas' Crystal Glowing Pond Colelction 
7 Gate of Patience Enos FInd the ruins of the Black Forest
8 Test of patience Gatekeeper of Patience Collect them using Olinas' Pain Crystals 
9 Sacred Vessels  Gatekeeper of Patience Talk to Enos, High Priestess at Black Forest Camp
10 A Refined Secret Enos Destroys a Haradium Refiner
Hiram Mountains Chapter 6.
1 Haradium Research Journal Elias Rudai Skip the Haradium Research Journal 
2 To the Lawn  Enos Talk to Yagov, Scouting Commander at Mist Meadow Camp
3 In Ambush? Yagov Find Arrows Shooting toward camp 
4 Secret Meeting  Yagov Moved to the Rudai family connecting point 

Use the Rudai Family Flute.
5 Rudai Family  Elias Rudai Outlining the foggy meadow Scouting unit 
6 Abyssal Dwarves Meadows Scout Skip the Foggy Meadow Scout Log 
7 Gate of Wisdom  Enos Find the foggy meadow ruins
8 The Test of Wisdom Gatekeeper of Wisdom Collect the Hourglass operation key 
9 Broken Seal  Gatekeeper of Wisdom Talk to Enos, High Priestess at Mist meadow camp 
10 Thanks to Ipnya Enos Resonate with Stone of Courage, Patience, and Wisdom
11 Chaos and Destruction Ghost of Ipnya Use Ipnya's Blessing on the Dimension Clock Device
12 Path to the park  Enos Find the marked Stone
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