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2020-11-19 11:00

The Fall of Hiram City
After the Gods warned the Hirams of the impending disaster, they sought refuge in a cave in the mountains. This is a story about how they survive.
After enduring bad weather for days, the new Hiram Refugees needed shelter from the storm, protection from ferocious monsters, and supplies to ensure their survival. All kinds of assistance are needed to save as many Hirams as possible.
This raid can accommodate up to 20 participants from any faction.
Ships and vehicles cannot be summoned.
Category  Description
Type Instance > Raid
Open Time Everyday 10:00 - 12:00, 18:00 - 23:00 UTC+8
Participation Limits Once a Day 
Level Requirement Level 55 or Higher
Number of participants 20
Duration 21 Minutes

Participation Method

- When the raid is opened, an event banner will be displayed at the top right, and you can click on the banner to immediately open the instance window.

- At the time of registration, anyone can register via the button at the bottom (shortcut Shift-;).
- Following the court, players who are in prison, etc. not allowed to participate.
- More than 3,000 equipment points are required for participation.

How to Participate


Waiting Phase

- In the waiting phase, you will be given a waiting time of 40 seconds.
- After the waiting time is over, the barrier covering the cave entrance will break, and you can exit.


- For the remaining time (approximately 20 minutes), Hiram refugees will gather from all over the place into the cave.
- Every time the refugee arrives at the cave entrance and gets permission to evacuate the Hiram High Priest, the number of "Hiram Refugee Successfully Evacuated" will increase.
- Hiram refugee will face various obstacles until they are granted permission to evacuate:
1. Cold Weather

- Refugee can die from cold, which will continue to get worse until you reach the cave entrance.
- You have to light the fire by the side of the road or feed them Warm Hiram Stew.
You need "Supplies: Logs" to light the fireplace.
Warm Hiram Stew can be obtained from "Hiram Priest".
2. Wild Animals

- Wolves often block the path or chase from behind to attack the refugee.
- Beating them or lighting the fireplace can help the refugee.

3. Lack Of Inventory 

- You will wait for permission from the rental priest and will leave if there are not enough supplies at the loading and unloading station.
- You must supply various types of supplies at the loading and unloading station and feed them Warm Hiram Stew.
- Vehicles cannot be summoned here, so it is best if you use the "Hiram Cart Wagon" which is located in various places to get supplies quickly.
'Supplement: Meat' can be obtained from wild beasts.
'Supplies: Logs' can be obtained from Tree or Tree Giant.
'Supplement: Haradium' can be obtained from a terrified ancient giant.
- When the remaining time is up, the wolves will disappear, and the evacuation will stop.
- 'Hiram Adviser' will appear at the entrance to the cave and give a quest to receive a reward according to the amount of "Hiram Refugee Successfully Evacuated".
- Return to the cave, complete the quest, and receive a gift from "Hiram Priest who reads the book", then use the exit button at the top right of the screen to exit. (You will automatically exit after some time.)


Use of some items, such as vehicles, is restricted.
Proficiency in official language will increase dramatically in the meantime.

The Last Days of Hiram Aide: The Unexpected Story
- When entering Last Days of Hiram Hiram, you can choose "Unexpected Story" Hard Mode.
- In Hard mode, the difficulty will increase, new and unprecedented refugees will be added to help evacuate them.
- The rewards you get are the same as normal mode, but if you evacuate more refugees, you will get a better reward.

Conditions in Hard Mode

- Talk to "Hiram Priest in Unexpected Story" on the left side of the cave. Until the barrier in front of the cave opens.
- More than 15 players accept agree, it will change to Hard Mode.
- In Hard Mode, visibility will be greatly reduced at night.

Warning Signal

Invisible warning appears in normal mode.
- If you ignore this alarm you will become enemies.
- You can eat warm Hiram Stew to cool off.
- If you get the necessary items, you will be counted as a refugee.
- Required items, color circle floating overhead, and NPC strengthening effect.
- You can help up to 200 refugees.


- Wendigo, invisible will appear in Hard mode.
- A Wendigo is a colossal wandering ghost-like creature, not a good creature, but more evil.
- Freezes surrounding creatures, except for large ones, slows down their movement speed and releases fire.
- The effect can be canceled using Owlinas' summoning skill "Power of Endurance", which can be obtained from main quests in the Western Hiram Mountains.
-Owlinas' skill "Abyssal Void Stare" can kill Wendigo, but it cannot repel it.

Rewards for Participation 
- At the end of the game, The Last Day of Hiram Aide (Unexpected Story), you can get a gift from "Hiram Aide".
- If more than 80 Hiram refugees can be evacuated, all participants will receive proof of Hiram Aide Champion (disappears in 60 minutes).
Number of Evacuees Image Basic Reward Image Featured Rewards
80 or More Mysterious Hiram Infusion x8 Explorer's Honor Potion Rank 1
Explorer's Vocation Potion Rank 1
150 or more Mysterious Hiram Infusion x12 Explorer's Honor Potion Rank 2
Explorer's Vocation Potion Rank 2
190 or more Mysterious Hiram Infusion x20 Explorer's Honor Potion Rank 3
Explorer's Vocation Potion Rank 3
250 or more Radiant Hiram Infusion x15 Explorer's Honor Potion Rank 4
Explorer's Vocation Potion Rank 4
300 or more Radiant Hiram Infusion x20 Explorer's Honor Potion Rank 5
Explorer's Vocation Potion Rank 5
※ Rescue of more than 200 refugees can be done in one mode (Hard Mode).
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