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[Item] Violet Bloomfang, Narayana Squire, and Hereafter HoppingtonItem

2020-11-19 11:00
Violet Bloomfang

Violet Bloomfang is a creature created by the spirit of a wild cat who died in Mr. Forest. Hall was burned with the Elf who lost his staff tree.
Special Skill: Reduces the owner's damage received by 30% for 3 seconds. (90 seconds cooldown)
Special Note: Pets cannot be attacked, targeted or received any damage.
How to get
During the promotion period, it can be obtained from the Kittenish Crate which is sold at the in-game Cash Shop.
You can buy it with Loyalty Token at the Cash Shop.
Can be crafted at Manastorm Fountain, Mirage Isle by using Manastorm's Crystal.
It can be obtained by obtaining it from the Arena Shop and raising it.

Narayana Squire

This is a special Narayana born with the blessing of Lady of the Star, the sacred lake of Hal Hapa.
These narayanas, born with golden fur and fast movements, are very kind and loyal.
Battle Pet
Grade: Rare
Health: (Very High)
Move Speed: (Very Fast)
Level Req Icon Skill Name Description
Lv 10 Monkey Meditation Increases Melee Attack + 50% for 5 seconds.
Applies to basic attacks and attack skills.
Right-click for auto-use.
Lv 20 Health Regen Regenerates a portion of Health, also reduces damage received by -50%.
Right click for auto-use.
Lv 30 Nara-Ninja Storms targets and deals Melee damage.
Can hit up to 5 enemies, grants Shaken status for 3 seconds. 
Can be used when snared. Right click for auto-use.
Lv 40 Rupture Deals Physical Damage to targets within a 3 meter radius.
Stuns for 3 seconds. 
Deals a 15% higher chance of Critical Damage.
Right click for auto-use.
Lv 50   Aggro Ape  Taunt the enemy within a 7 meter radius and force them to attack for 6 seconds.
Reduces damage received -60% at taunt. Right click for auto-use.

How to Obtain
Can be purchased at the Cash Shop
You can get Soul: Golden Narayana from the Arena Shop and raise it.

Hereafter Hoppington

The shining rabbit of the afterlife. You can get set mount equipment when you unlock Wrapped Hereafter Hoppington. Bind when opened.
It is bluish in color, but still has fine hair.
Grade: Rare
Type: Mounts
Bind when opened
Items obtained when opening the pack

Image Name Qty  Type
Hereafter Hoppington  1 Mount
Hereafter Rabbit Top Hat  1 Equipment Mount 
Hereafter Rabbit Saddle  1 Equipment Mount 
Hereafter Rabbit Legguards  1 Equipment Mount 

You can get the following items by opening them.
How to get
Can be purchased at the Cash Shop.
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