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[Item] Daily Shine and Bound Worn CostumeItem

2020-11-19 11:00

Daily Shine

Explanation When unlocked, you can get all of the following items. (Available to buy once per day per account, non-tradable) Usage: can be opened every day. Opens automatically. (shift + right click)

Items obtained when opening

Image Item Name Amount
  Bound Labor Recharger 1 qty
  Bound Worn Costume 1 qty

How to Obtain

Can be purchased from the Cash Shop

Bound Worn Costume

Explanation By injecting power, you can use this to increase the value of the costume. These out-of-date clothing can be used as synthetic material for an upgradeable synthetic costume.

Effects of Use Check the grade of the Bound Worn Costume. Can be used automatically. (Shift + right click).

Grade XP Granted Percentage
Basic 100 65.00%
Grand 200 20.00%
Rare 400 8.00%
Arcane 800 4.00%
Heroic 1,600 2.20%
Unique 3,200 0.80%

How to get
Can be obtained from Daily Shine items that can be purchased from the Cash Shop.

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