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2020-11-19 11:00


This is a synthesis equipment that you can upgrade. You can use other costumes as synthesis material to upgrade from Basic to Mythic. Undergarments can get 1 to 5 stats randomly from a total of 27 options, depending on the level. Depending on the item grade, 4 Lunagem can be paired. (Tempest / Torrent / Pierce / Breakthrough). Dye or coloring cannot be done on this item.

Red Cat Undergarments

Red Cat Undergarments

Red Undergarment equipped to the new races

Gold Cat Undergarments

Gold Cat Undergarment

Gold Cat undergarment on the new Races

TIP. Increase Synthesis in undergarments 1. Synthesis in undergarment has the same method as synthesis in combat costume, but the effects and values will be different. 2. Synthesis materials can use other clothes (Undergarments, Costume) and Bound Worn Out Costume. 3. You can select and change stat effects after synthesizing randomly. 4. Lunastone and Lunagem attached to the item will remain even after being synthesized. (If an item with lunagem is used as a synthesis material, it will disappear) 5. You can replace stats on undergarments with Seredipity Stones, such as Combat Costumes. 6. Existing Undergarments can be used as EXP materials or exchanged for other Undergarments (Basic Grade) on Mirage Isle.

How to get Can be obtained at the Cash Shop and Auction House in the game.

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