[Character Name Change Service]

1. I have confirmed that the character name is available when I searched for the character name. However, when I try to purchase, it fails due to an unavailable character name.

- It is because someone preoccupies the character name between the moment of character name search and purchase.

As it is informed in precautions, it is not a function of reserving character name. Instead it is a function of checking the character name whether there is a same character name in the server.
be informed.

2. What happens to my friend list, family and guild after changing the character name?

- The lists will remain in the changed character and changed character name will be displayed on the list of family and guild.

3. How can I change my character name?

- To use the real-time character name change service, click the XL CASH menu on the upper right of ArcheAge website and click the [XL CASH > Item Purchase] menu.
It can be used once every 30 days based on the same character.

4. What happens to my previous character name if I change my character name?

- Once the character name is changed, the previous character name cannot be used for 180 days(6 months), and after that, it can be used by anyone again.

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