How to Submit a Ticket

How to Submit a Ticket

To submit a ticket, please follow the steps below.

1. Log in to the Website. [FAQ]
2. Click the "Customer Support -> Ticket" button at website.  

3. Select the category of ticket

 * Please refer to the instructions printed when selecting a category.
 * Before submiting the ticket, Check the FAQ for any possible answers.

4. Please write down the specific title and content (Server, Character Name, Item Name, Date, and Details)
* Writing down the specific required field and details will give you a faster response.

5. If you have files to attach, please refer the content below.
* You can only add the file with the type of jpg, jpeg, gif, png, and txt.
* The maximum size of each file is 3MB.
* You can add up to 5 files.

6. Click the "Save" button and submit a ticket.
7. Submitted and responsed tickets are on Ticket History

※ How to submit a ticket inside the game.

Go to "ESC > Menu > Ticket” or “SHIFT + /" to submit a ticket.