How to Log in to the Website.
How to Log in to the Website.
To log in to the Website, please refer to below.

1. Click the "Start Game" button on official website.

2. Log in to the LINE POD, click the ArcheAge at PC GAMES tab located on upper screen of LINE POD, and click the "Start Game" button.

3. When you click the "Start Game" button, the window asking whether you installed the POD patcher or not appears.
(If it does not appear, please check the pop-up settings.)

After installation, proceed to the next step.

4. After Clicking "Yes, it is already installed." button and open pod-client button, LINE POD log in window appears.

5. Log in to the LINE POD Launcher and then click the "Game Start".

6. Click the ArcheAge located upper left side of patcher to complete logging in to the website.
※ Check the language on upper right side of patcher.
※ On first visit, start the game and accept the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy to log in to the website.