Patch Note December 17, 2020 (added 12/17)Update

2020-12-16 20:30

Hello, Heroes of Erenor!


Please read the details of the patch notes on December 17, 2020 below.

[Known Issues]

- There is an issue where Sunday text is missing within the Entry Time of tooltip of Red Dragon and Kadum.
> Content is available normally by day. (added 12/17)


[Instance - Kadum]

You can enter the Kadum raid through cross-server instance, "Kadum"(Instance UI (Shift+;) > Raid > Kadum)
   ■ Requirement
    o Lv55 and above, 6000 Equipment Point and above
   ■ Entry Time
    o Day - Sun, Tue, Thur, Sat
    o Time - 2:00~2:30, 15:15~16:00, 21:15~22:00 (UTC+8)

[Instance - Hereafter Rebellion]

Added the solo play instance dungeon, 'Hereafter Rebellion' (Instance UI (Shift+;) > Dungeons > 'Hereafter Rebellion')
   ■ Introduction
    o Protect the wandering souls, and summon the army by using their power to fight the enemies.
    o Defeat the many enemies as you can within a limited time, and the reward will be delivered to your mailbox.
         §  When you open the reward box, you will always obtain the Unidentified Abyssal Enhancer, 
             and you will have a chance to obtain Soul Guardian and Hereafter Awakening Scroll
    o Completing quests for each of the 6 elite NPCs reduces the cost of summoning those NPCs.
   ■ Requirement
    o Lv55 and above, 8000 Equipment Point and above
   ■ Entry Time
 Every day, 6:00~23:30 (UTC+8)


Stronger Lunagems are craftable.

   ■ Lunagem Type Growth
    o Up to Luna Charm Rank 5 are craftable from Handicraft Kiln.
   ■ Glorious Lunagem
    o Glorious Lunagems are stronger than Splendid Lunagem.
    o Glorious Lunagems are craftable from Handcraft Kiln.

[Cash Shop]

Added the Christmas promotion product that can be purchased with XL Cash (~ January 7 until Maintenance)
- Image Item: Poinsettia Winter Festival Costume
- Wrapped Mr. Mittens
- Winter Wonderland Furniture Bundle
- Happy Archemas
- Merry Archemas
※ Can be purchased from Cash Shop > Main > Special, Event

Added the 57 types of Christmas furniture that can be purchased with XL Cash. (~ January 7 until Maintenance)
※ Detailed sale list can be confirmed from Cash Shop > Main > Event

[Bug Fix]

Fixed an error that has Korean in tooltip of 'Wrapped Hereafter Hoppington'. 
Corrected the wrong content of the tooltip of 'Lunar Memory Pavilion Farm Design' and 'Stellar Memory Pavilion Farm Design'.
Corrected the wrong content of the tooltip of 'Full Kit: Solar Scarecrow Garden', 'Full Kit: Lunar Scarecrow Garden', and 'Full Kit: Stellar Scarecrow Garden'.