[Event] Winter Maiden FestivalEvent

2020-12-17 11:00

Winter Maiden Festival!

Event Period
17 December, 2020 11:00 AM [UTC+8] - 31 December, 2020 5:00 AM [UTC+8]
Event Detail
- Festival Areas, Marianople and Solis Headlands, become Peace Zone during the festival.

- Worldgate: Winter Maiden Festival in Diamond Shores will take you to the Festival Area.

- Festival Location in Marianople

- Festival Location in Austera

A Prayer for the Winter Maiden (Daily Quest)

- Start Quest: Winter Maiden's Messenger
  > Pray at the 'Kyprosa's Blessed Tree' next to Winter Maiden's Messenger in the festival area

Image Name
Festival Coin x1 (Bind on pickup)

Icy Intruders (Daily Quest)

Start Quest: Winter Maiden's Messenger
Defeat Cursed Snowman near the festival area (North of Marianople, West of Austera) to collect 3 'Stolen Festival Decorations' and 3 'Frozen Soulstone'
Return to Winter Maiden's Messenger to receive a reward
- Note: Requires to complete the 'A Prayer for the Winter Maiden’ quest first.

Image Name
Festival Coin x3 (Bind on pickup)

Winter Maiden Boots (Daily Quest)

Start Quest: Susie
  > Receive a quest from Susie and get 'Winter Maiden Boots' quest

Image Name
Winter Maiden Boot (Quest Item)

Gifts from the Winter Maiden (Daily Quest)

Quest start: Susie
  > Receive a quest from Susie and place Winter Maiden Boot on your own building.
  > At 8 p.m. game time, click on Winter Maiden Boot to get ‘Winter Maiden's Gift’.
- Notice
  > Required to complete the ‘Winter Maiden Boots’ quest first.
  > If you acquire Winter Maiden's Gift from Winter Maiden Boots, the boot you have placed will disappear.
  > If you place the boot after 8pm UTC+8, you will have to wait for the next event time.

Winter Maiden's Gift will generate one of the following
Image Name
Apprentice's Plushie Pack (Bind on pickup)
Artificer's Plushie Pack (Bind on pickup)
Artisan's Plushie Pack (Bind on pickup)
Conqueror's Plushie Pack (Bind on pickup)
1 Festival Coin (Bind on pickup)
Santa Cupcake Hat (Bind on pickup)
Decorative Santa Cupcake (Tradeable)

Image Name
Festival Coin x2 (Bind on pickup)

Blessing the Basins (Daily Quest)

- Quest start: Winter Maiden's Messenger

Make a snowman using 'Snowball Basket' on Marianople, Solis Headlands.
Return to Winter Maiden and complete the quest to receive a reward.
- Notice: 1 Blue Salt Hammer is required to receive the energy of the snowman.

Image Name
Festival Coin x4 (Bind on pickup)

Festival Fanatic (General Quest)

Quest start: Winter Maiden's Messenger
Accept the quest 'Warm Hearted' from Winter Maiden's Messenger
Deliver 30 Festival Coins to complete the quest.

- Title: Warm-Hearted (rare, no title effect)

1. All Daily Quests reset at 24:00 UTC +8 daily.
2. All festival NPCs and festival quest items disappear after the scheduled maintenance at the end of the festival.
3. Items obtained from the festival cannot be recovered when destroyed.
4. Demolition of  the building with the furniture received as a reward will destroy the furniture.

5. Festival Gift Exchanger will disappear from the festival area after the festival ends but the one in Mirage Isle will remain.
6. All festival quests require level 10 or higher.