[EVENT] Naval Arena: Stillwater Gulf Season 2Event

2021-01-21 11:00

Hello Heroes of Erenor! 
We present to you our new Event:
Naval Arena: Stillwater Gulf
Check out the Details below: 
 Event Name:
Naval Arena: Stillwater Gulf

 Event Duration
Jan 21, 2021 After Maintenance - Feb 25, 2021 Before Maintenance (UTC + 8)
Match Duration: 60 mins
Level: 30 and above
There is no Equipment Point Limit
Entry time: Everyday from 16:00 – 1:00 (UTC+8)
 Introduction to Naval Arena 
- This is a battle royal. All combatants are fought until only ten of them remain floating in Naval Battle: Stillwater Gulf. Defeat everyone you encounter to win the game.
- Naval Battle participants must summon Battle Clipper to survive. Once the Clipper is boarded, it cannot be abandoned until the bitter end.
- Make sure to be close to Ezi's Divine Protection when the Grudge Veil moves in.
- Exploring the map and defeating monsters allows the participants to find supplies, which then can be used to enhance their Clippers.
- The Arena ends in 60 minutes, but the Grudge Veil quickly closes and threatens you.
- Spirits in the gulf prohibit all communications in Naval Battle: Stillwater Gulf.
- Participants will fight under the same conditions. Beware, entering the arena will cancel all active buffs/debuffs and these will not be recovered even when you leave the arena.
 Basic Information
Naval Battle: Stillwater Gulf is a seasonal marine survival Arena with up to 50 players and held at certain period of time

Classification  Details
Type Instance > Arena , equalized arena
Season Janaury 21 - February 25
Entry time 16:00 ~ 01:00 UTC+8 Daily
Reward Limit 5 times daily
Entry Limit reset 5 Times daily
Level Limit Level 30 or Higher
Number of Participants 25~ 50

♣ How to Join
- When the Instance is available, the system displays the event banner on the upper right corner, and you can open the instance window immediately by clicking the banner.

- Anyone with level 30 or higher can apply for entry through Instance> Arena (shortcut Shift-;) on the bottom of the game screen when the arena is playable.
- Debuffs such as forcibly awaiting Trial, participation in the Trial, prisoned, or carrying a Trade Pack will prevent you from joining the arena.
- You can still enter the Instance even if your Entry Limit has run out.
- You cannot obtain a reward if your Entry Limit count runs out, but the result will still be reflected on the ranking information.
- You can reset your Entry Limit when it runs out.

♣ Terrain Introduction

- Large shipwrecks are scattered throughout the area.
- Large shipwrecks will give you supplies

 Arena Composition: Supplies
- When you acquire Supplies, you can acquire various effects and consumables that help you play.
- Supplies consist of 4 grades: Basic / Grand / Celestial / Legendary and how to acquire and its effect may differ per grade.
- Supplies can be differentiated by its color, and you can choose effects and improve your cannon or ship.
- You can choose Precious Supplies instead of improving your Battle Clipper when you acquire Supplies.

Precious Supplies 
- A supply that can be obtained if you don’t improve the Battle Clipper with acquired supplies.
It stacks up to 55 times and can be used as follows:
  > Repair Battle Clipper: Consumes 5 Precious Supplies to recover 35%~45% health of the Battle Clipper after 10 seconds.
  > Summon Combat Clipper: Consume all the Precious Supplies to summon a Combat Clipper, which boasts its overwhelming performance. The more the supplies are consumed, the higher the chance of success.

Lucky Supplies
- A supply that can rarely be found.
- This might grant you unexpected luck upon.

 Arena Progress
Waiting Phase
- The battle will begin 60 seconds after waiting phase is over.
- When waiting phase is over, uncontrollable Bubble Trap is removed and you can summon a boat when Ezi's Divine Protection appeared.
   > Choose a right location to summon the Battle Clipper where you can utilize the Battle Clipper’s Speed advantage.

 Battle Clipper
- You can summon a Battle Clipper anwhere within 2 minutes after the waiting phase.
- The Battle Clipper will be summoned in one of the two appearances randomly. No performance differences.
- You cannot deboard or unsummon the battle Clipper once you board.

♣ Battle Clipper Performance and features 
- The Battle Clippers summoned in Stillwater Gulf are faster than the original one and have an improved braking system.
- The player can use a total of 4 cannons. 2 on the left and the other 2 on the right side of the boat.
- Cannons can attack a selected area within the attack range. if the selected areas are within the attack range of the both cannons, the two of them will be fired together.

- The remaining number of cannons can be checked through the status window.
- The Clipper basically has the following four features.

♣ Enhancement of Battle Clipper's Performance
Battle Clippers can acquire supplies to enhance their performance.
Enhancements consists of 3 types of attack type and 3 types of defense type, and there are 1-5 levels.
(All enhancements starts with level 1, and the same enhancements only gives the highest enhancements effect.)
Enhancements effect can be checked below when selecting a ship.

♣ Combat Clipper
- All the Precious Supplies you have will be consumed when attempting to summon the Combat Clipper.
- Requires at least 20 Precious Supplies to attempt. The more the supplies are consumed, the higher the chance of success.
- Consuming 55 Precious Supplies grants you a 100% summoning chance.
- Approach to Combat Clipper to transfer from the Battle Clipper.
- You can also board the Combat Clipper summoned by others. Careful to not lose the clipper to others.
- You cannot deboard or unsummon the Combat Clipper once you board.
Combat Clipper Performance 
- The Combat Clipper has the same performance as the fully upgraded Battle Clipper has
- The Combat Clipper cannot be improved through the Precious Supplies.

Natural Disasters 

- Randomly generated natural disasters provide variables on the battlefield.
- Utilize these natural disasters and take advantage of it to create various tactics.
Poison Cloud

- It deals damage proportional to the boat's health.
- The longer you stay, the closer you get to death. Escape as soon as possible.

- It is stronger than the one in the Gathering Seahag.
- It does not deal any damage but these obstacles may come your way.

- It is a fireball falling from the sky.
- Each fireball is strong enough to destroy the clipper..
♣ Tracking Progress

- You can check your records, Danger Level, and Remaining Time in the Arena.

♣ Death / Return
Death will not decrease Experience/Durability in the Arena.
You will be defeated upon death and can leave the arena.
♣ Victory Condition 
- Last 10 Floating will be the winners 

♣ Rules
- The Hereafter Stone and some items are restricted.
- Mounts, Battle Pets, Steamtank, machining Devices are allowed.
- Only clippers summoned in the Arena can be used.

Participation Reward 
- Kyrios Badge will be distributed according to the rank after the arena.
- 5 Kyrios Badges will be given for every Clipper you destroyed.
- Rewards will be sent out to your Mailbox.
Rank  Kyrios Badge
1 60
2 40
3 30
4 25
5 24
6 23
7 22
8 21
9 20
10 19
11 18
12 17
13 16
14 15
15 14
16 13
17 12
18 11
19 10
20 9
21 8
22 7
23 6
24 5
25 - 30 3
31 - 40 2
41 - 50 1