[Event] The Seven Heartfelt Gifts!Event

2021-01-21 11:00

The Seven Heartfelt Gifts!

Hello, Heroes of Erenor!
Are you a new or returning hero in ArcheAge SEA and afraid of competing with old players? 
Worry no more, we’ve got you covered!
We have prepared a special gift for you, with heart.
Heartfelt Gifts!
Check the details below:
♣ Event Name
The Seven Heartfelt Gifts!

♣ Event Period
Jan 21st, 2021, 11:00 AM (UTC+8) ~ Feb 24th, 2021, 23:59 AM (UTC+8)
♣ Who can Participate
New Players: Accounts created on or after January 1st 2021
Returning Players: Accounts without login history from Dec 1st, 2020 ~ Dec 31st, 2020
♣ How to Join
1) Get your Heartfelt Gift.
   New Players who joined on or after Jan 21st: Register the coupon code [FP9M-KU5L-V2JP-TMHRA] & Use it.
 Returning Players & New Players(created from Jan 1st to Jan 20th): Heartfelt Gift coupons have been sent out to you already! Use the coupon in your Coupon Box. 

→ Check How to Register / Use Coupon Codes here (link)

2) Clear the condition 7 times to open the 7 Heartfelt Gifts !

List of Rewards for each Rank
Rank Gift Name Requirement Rewards 
1 Heartfelt Gift: Rank 1 Lv.50 Wrapped Celestial Hiram Guardian Weapon x4
Wrapped Celestial Hiram Guardian Armor x7
Heartfelt Gift: Rank 2
2 Heartfelt Gift: Rank 2 Lv.55 Cloaked Divine Epherium Cloak
Heartfelt Gift: Rank 3
3 Heartfelt Gift: Rank 3 Crimson Watch Quest Complete Hiram Awakening Scroll x11
Radiant Hiram Infusion x70
Heartfelt Gift: Rank 4
4 Heartfelt Gift: Rank 4 Ancestral 1 Cloaked Illustrious Necklace x1
Cloaked Illustrious Earring x2
Cloaked Illustrious Ring x2

Heartfelt Gift: Rank 5
5 Heartfelt Gift: Rank 5 Ancestral 4 Bound Lunagem Crate x30
Solar Temper x30
Lunar Temper x70
Heartfelt Gift: Rank 6
6 Heartfelt Gift: Rank 6 Ancestral 7 Wrapped Hiram Infusion x100
Luna Charm Rank 1 x30
Heartfelt Gift: Rank 7
7 Heartfelt Gift: Rank 7 Ancestral 10 + ArcheLife Combat Costume Box x1
Bound Worn Costume Crate x1
Daily Pump-Up x10
Manastorm Crystal x100
Angel Wing Elixir x10
Hero Lunastone Ticket x1
Bound Serendipity Stone x1

♣ Notice
1. Once per account only
2. The coupon code for accounts created 1/21 onwards can be registered until 2/24 2021 23:59 UTC+8 only.
3. The Heartfelt Gifts will be deleted after 3/18 2021 server maintenance and will not be recovered. 
4. The Registered coupons can be used until 3/17 23:59 2021 only
5. The last 7th box requires ArcheLife to be used.
6. Players with login history between Dec 1 ~ 31 are considered as an existing user.
7. Register and use the coupon to receive the first Heartfelt Gift to your Mail in the game. Check how to register and use coupons here: (Link)
8. All rewards are bound.
9. The Synthesis Effect of the Hiram Guardian Equipment from Heartfelt Gift: Rank 1 will be generated randomly.