[February 25, 2021] Opening of New Server “Gene”Notice

2021-01-28 11:00
This is ArcheAge.
A new server “Gene” will be opening on February 25.
■ Server Name: Gene 
■ Open Date: Thursday, February 25th, 2021 after Maintenance

About Opening of New Server “Gene”

1) Condition of Server Access
- New server ‘Gene‘ is available even if you already have a character in the existing server.
- Only one character creation is available in the new server ‘Gene’ (up to 2 characters are available in each Nui and Tahyang Server.)
- An account that has a character in Tahyang server through the real-time transfer request must have 9 or below characters to create a character in the new server.
(During the real-time transfer service period, the character deletion delay is fixed to 10 minutes regardless of character level.)

2) Schedule of Content Open Date
Category 2/25(Thur) – New Server
Equipment ◆ Open
Tier 3 Hiram Guardian Equipment
Level / Skillset ◆ Open
Unlimited Ancestral
Region ◆ Limited
Eastern Hiram Mountains/Divine Garden
Folio ◆ Limited
Brilliant Hiram Awakening Scroll
Disciple's Awakening Scroll
Tower Defense  
Instance Dungeon ◆ Limited
Noryette Challenge
Hereafter Rebellion
Red Dragon, Golden Plains Battle

◆ Open
Sea of Drowned Love
Abyssal Library (3rd Floor)
Arena ◆ Open
Independent Server Settings
Lunagem ◆ Open
Tier 2 Lunagem (Craftable Lunagem)
+3 Lunagem (Honor Point Lunagem)
Synthesis Undergarments & Costume ◆ Limited
Combat Type Synthesis Costume & Synthesis Undergarments
Major Content Open ◆ Limited
Claim Area and Siege
Alliance / Exile
Others ◆ Limited
Up to level 10 Farmhands

◆ Open
Up to 1 incomplete housing placement
Housing Province Open Date:
Saturday, March 6th, 2021 at 19:00 (UTC+8)
# Only accounts with ArcheLife can construct the housings / pay taxes
- Through the March Update, the Farmhands System, Red Dragon, Golden Plains Battle, and other various contents are planned to be updated.
- Eastern Hiram Mountains are planned to be updated after the May Update.
- Homecoming Warrior Event is unavailable in the new server “Gene”.

3) Arena Matching Server
Category  Nui  Tahyang
 (Taiwan Transfer Server) 
 (New Server) 
Sparring Arena Cross-Server
Gladiator Arena Cross-Server Independent
Drill Camp Arena Cross-Server
Free-For-All Arena Cross-Server
Golden Plains Battle Cross-Server
Abyssal Library Cross-Server Independent
Red Dragon's Keep Cross-Server
The Fall of Hiram City Cross-Server
Noryette Challenge Cross-Server Independent
Mistsong Banquet Cross-Server
Hereafter Rebellion Cross-Server Independent
Kadum Cross-Server
Serpentis Cross-Server Independent
Sea of Drowned Love Cross-Server Independent
# The arena will be opened according to the schedule of content open date.

4) Auction House Server
Auction House Server
Independent Server 1 Gene
 Independent Server 2   Tahyang 
Cross-Server Nui
# As each Gene and Tahyang server has an independent server, its Auction House information is not connected with other servers.

5) Character Server Transfer 
   - Character created in Gene server cannot be transferred to other servers. And also the characters from other servers cannot be transferred to Gene server.
   # The date available for server transfer will be announced in further notice.

6) Housing Province Restriction 
   - You cannot construct the housings in Housing Province when the server is opened. However, the construction will be available from Saturday, March 6th, 2021 at 19:00 (UTC+8).
7) Expansion of Nuia/Haranya Peace Zone
   - For a beginner’s better environment, the area listed below will be a peace zone until maintenance on Thursday, March 11th, 2021.
    > Target Area
      -> Haranya: Rookborne Basin / Windscour Savannah / Perinoor Ruins
      -> Nuia: Halcyona / Hellswamp / Sanddeep
8) Unavailable Product in Cash Shop
   - ArcheLife Package (Rampage, Twilight Unicorn, and others)
   - Mining Drill / Majestic Tree / Fishing Pond
   - Paid Farms & Housings, Pavilion Beam Bundle
   - Tempering Charm & Kind of Regrade Charm
   - Some Monthly Special Pack
We look forward to your support in the new server ‘Gene’.
Thank you.