[Event] New Server Gene Celebration! Archelife PromotionEvent

2021-02-25 12:00

[Event] New Server: Gene Celebration! Archelife Promotions


Hello, Heroes of Erenor! 
We are glad that our newest Fresh Start Server, GENE, has finally released!
We have prepared an exciting event for you, exclusive in Gene Server only.
Grab your rewards now!
 Event Name 
New Server: Gene Celebration! ArcheLife Promotion

 Event Period
February 25, 2021, After Maintenance (UTC+8) ~ March 25, 2021, Before Maintenance (UTC+8)

 Who can Participate
All Players in Gene Server 

 Event Details 
(1) 50% discount on your first ArcheLife purchase
- Those who purchase ArcheLife will get ArcheLife 30 days at a 50% discounted price.
#This product can be purchased only once per account and cannot be cancelled non-refundable.
#This product is available only in the New Server (Gene) and can be purchased from In-Game > Premium tab.
(2) Thiol's Gift (Consumables Package)' will be given once a day!
- Get your free Thiol's Gift once a day per account at Cash Shop > Coins Only > Lulu’s Goods (For Archelife User only) tab.
- This event will be continued until further notice
#What’s in Thiol's Gift: Angel's Wing Elixir + Adventurer's Goblet of Honor x2 + Manastorm Crystal x3 + Sage, Tiny Treasure Taffy
(3) Get various rewards based on your play time!
- Get your [Gene's Gift: Stage 1] once per account at Cash Shop > Coins Only > Lulu’s Goods (For Archelife User only) tab in Gene Server.
- Up to 10 stages of Gene's Gift exist and opening each gift requires ArcheLife and certain play time. (ArcheLife is required to unbox the gift)
Ex.) Open  [Gene's Gift: Stage 1] and receive Stage 1 Reward + [Gene's Gift: Stage 2].
- 100 hours of PlayTime are required to unbox the stage 10 for the final rewards.
# You cannot open Gene's Gift while ‘Gene's Gift Unopenable’ Buff is activated.
# Each stage’s box requires different Play Time and Play Time decreases only when you are online.
List of Rewards for each Stage
Requirement Stage Item Quantity Play Time
Archelife Stage 1 Bound Double Hunting XP Elixir 3 0
Stage 2 Honorable Victory Rank 5 (1,000 Honor Points) 1 1
Honorable Vocation Potion Rank 5 (1,000 Vocation Points) 1
Stage 3 Bound Labor Recharger 3 1
Stage 4 ArcheLife Ticket (1 Day) 1 2
Stage 5 ArcheBlessing: 7 Days 1 4
Stage 6 Daily Pump-Up 3 8
Stage 7 Greater ArchePass XP Boost (Grants +500 ArchePass EXP) 10 12
Stage 8 Cloaked Hiram Guardian Weapon 3 24
Cloaked Hiram Guardian Armor 7
Stage 9 Image Item: Cheerberry Yata Costume 1 24
Stage 10 ArchePass Upgrade Ticket 1 24

1. Event rewards are bound upon pickup and cannot be recovered.
2. Reward items excluding [Thiol's Gift] will be destroyed after 4/22 maintenance.
3. Any violating of the Operation Policy will exclude you from the events
4. Use of other people’s personal information will exclude you from the events
5. The event details are subject to change