Patch Note February 25, 2021 (edited 2/25)Update

2021-02-24 20:30

Hello, Heroes of Erenor! 
Please read the details of the patch notes on February 25, 2021 below.

[Garden - Added New Area]
New area 'Garden' has been added.
  ● You can go to the 'Gate to the Garden' on the Navel of the World of Eastern Hiram Mountains.

When entering the garden, you will enter the random server of the garden based on each server's alliance.
  ● Characters from other servers or other factions will be all hostile in the garden.
  ● Maximum 3 factions can enter the garden.
  ● Cash shop and some of the other functions are disabled.

Added the race quest of Garden of the Gods.
  ● You can experience the 2 scenario mode.
  ● You can acquire the special skill as a reward when processing the race quest of Garden of the Gods.
  ● You can acquire the special costume and title as a reward when completed the race quest of Garden of the Gods.

Added the daily quest <Fairy Request> that can be accepted from Garden of the Gods.
  ● When processing the quest, you can level up the reward level through various activities in the garden. 
  ● You can acquire the reward from the quest NPC when you reach reward level 1 or above.

Vocation contents related to the new area Garden are as follows.
  ● Added the 2 Freshwater Fish and 2 Saltwater Fish that can be acquired by basic fishing from the Garden.
    o These are used for crafting consumables.
  ● Added the mystic plantings that bloom only in the Garden of the Gods.
  ● Added the 2 kinds of Healing Potion Rank 8 and 2 kinds of Mana Potion Rank 8. 
    o These can be crafted from Garden Workbench. And these can be crafted with mystic plantings.

Added the new buff item, Enhanced Judge's Longing.
  ● Enhanced Judge's Longing has better performance than Judge's Longing. It can be crafted from Garden

Rewards when defeating monsters in the garden are as follows.
  ● You can acquire items such as Radiant Hiram Infusion, Garden Coinpurse, Temper, etc. from the Garden monsters.
  ● You can acquire special items from the Garden boss monsters.
    o You can acquire items such as Gold Crate, Garden Worldboss Infusion, Evenglow Lunarite, etc.
[New Equipment - Exalted Hiram Guardian Equipment]

Added the 'Exalted Hiram Guardian Equipment'
  ● It can be acquired by awakening the mythic grade of 'Glorious Hiram Guardian Equipment' with 'Glorious Hiram
    Awakening Scroll' or 'Hallowed Hiram Awakening Scroll'.
  ● 'Hallowed Hiram Awakening Scroll' can be acquired by consuming 150 'Glorious Hiram Awakening Scroll' and
    'Glorious Runescribe Quill'.
  ● 'Glorious Runescribe Quill' can be crafted from Printing Press.
[New Equipment - Brilliant Erenor Equipment]

Added the Brilliant Erenor Equipment.
  ● If you awake the mythic grade of Radiant Erenor Equipment, you can acquire the same grade of Brilliant Erenor
  ● To awake the Radiant Erenor Equipment, you need 'Radiant Erenor Awakening Scroll' or 'Blessed Erenor
    Awakening Scroll'.

Added the 'Anthalon' raid in Delphinad Mirage of Garden of the Gods.
  ● Raid starts every Sat/Sun 21:00 (UTC+8).
  ● Added the 2 Anthalon quests and 7 achievements.
[Item - Added Dread Necromancer's Equipment and Awakening of Raid Equipment]

Added the Dread Necromancer's Equipment
  ● Dread Necromancer's Equipment can be acquired by defeating Anthalon.

Added the Awakening of World Boss Equipment.
World Boss Before Awakening After Awakening
 Black Dragon   Wrathful Black Dragon Equipment  Ferocious Black Dragon Equipment
Leviathan Vigilant Hermit's Equipment Resolute Hermit's Equipment
Charybdis Termisia's Equipment Termisia's Merciless Equipment
Anthalon Dread Necromancer's Equipment  Nefarious Dread Necromancer's Equipment 
  ● Awakening Scrolls can be crafted from Proven Warrior Workbench.
  ● Materials used for crafting Awakening Scrolls can be acquired by defeating each Black Dragon / Leviathan /
    Charybdis / Anthalon.
[Erenor Sacred Place]

Added the new cross-server instance dungeon, 'Erenor Sacred Place'.
  ● From 3 to 5 users across servers can enter the dungeon as a party.
    o Required Level : 55 or above
    o No Equipment Points Requirements
    o Entry Time : Eveyday can apply for 24-hour participation
    o Max Participants : 5
  ● Added a daily quest of Erenor Sacred Place.
    o The quest can be accepted from the Task Board on Torch of Ipnya in Aegis Island. (Required Level: 55 or above)
  ● Added the 6 main quests of Erenor Chapter One. Golden Altar.
    o You can start the quest from the Scout Captain Camaro on Crimson Watch Camp in Golden Ruins.
The siege is a battle content between the factions, which are divided into the siege and defense camps, in a castle built on a territory to occupy the territory of Auroria.

  ● The siege period returns every four weeks for each of the territories, and if there is no owner on the territory,
    the period of claim territory will begin.
  ● Siege: Every Wednesday 21:00 ~ 22:00 (UTC+8)
  ● Claim Territory: Every Wednesday 20:00 ~ 21:00 (UTC+8)

Siege stages are as follows.
  ● Stage 1 (12:00 ~ 20:00 UTC+8)
    o Apply for Commander
       ▪ Hero of faction can apply for commander via the application window activated on the Siege Pedestal
         or on the Siege Commander application button during this time.
  ● Stage 2 (20:00 ~ 21:00 UTC+8)
    o Apply to join the Siege Squad
       ▪ At 20:00 (UTC+8), the commander is appointed and the Siege Squad can be formed.
       ▪ During 20:00 ~ 21:00 (UTC+8), you can apply via Raid Recruit or Community(Shift+v) - Faction - Siege Squad
  ● Stage 3 (20:00 ~ 21:00 UTC+8)
    o Base Installation
       ▪ During 20:00 ~ 21:00 (UTC+8), a commander must proceed with the 'Siege Declaration'.
       ▪ Cannot participate in the siege if not declared.
       ▪ When the Base Installation period begins, the Blood Archeum will appear and the commander can interact
         with it for 'Siege Declaration'.
       ▪ When the declaration is done, the stronghold icon will appear on the map, and a peace area is added once
         the siege starts.
  ● Siege 4 (21:00 ~ 22:00 UTC+8) 
    o Siege
       ▪ At 21:00 (UTC+8) after the declaration, all Siege Squad members will be teleported to each faction's
       ▪ A protective shield that limits the movement will last for 3 minutes, and you can receive the siege supplies
         following the instructions from a hero.

Siege supplies are as follows.
  ● Siege Faction
    o You can receive the Trebuchet, Siege Tank, Misagon's Flamethrower, etc.
    o The fewer territories you have, the more supplies you can supply.
  ● Defense Faction
    o You can receive the Shatigon Steamtank, Dragonbreath, and Siege: Thunderbolt Glider.
  ● Pirate Faction
    o You can receive the Siege Tank and Misagon's Flamethrower.

A commander and heroes participating in the siege can use an exclusive special skill for the siege.
The conditions for the siege victory are as follows.
  ● Siege Faction
    o After the destruction of the Archeum Lodestone, purify a certain amount of scattered mana of the Archeum
       Lodestone to your faction.
  ● Defense Faction
    o Prevent the Archeum Lodestone from being destroyed 
       or defend the scattered mana of the Archeum Lodestone after the destruction of the Archeum Lodestone.
  ● Pirate Faction
    o After the destruction of the Archeum Lodestone, purify a certain amount of scattered mana of the Archeum
      Lodestone to your faction.

A pirate faction cannot acquire the territories via the siege and it will be changed into the unclaimed status upon victory.
You can receive the following rewards after the siege.
  ● When the siege ends and your character is located in the siege area or the protective shield area,
     you will receive the Blue Salt Bond, Honor Points, Leadership, etc. via mail.
  ● If your faction wins, the commander, hero, squad members will receive the reward differently.
    If your faction loses, you will receive the same reward without any difference.
[Auroria Territory]
Factions that have entered the Auroria can occupy the territory via the Claim Territory or Siege.
A total of 4 territories include 'Marcala, Heedmar, Calmlands, and Nuimari'.
  ● What is Claim Territory?
    o Claim Territory is a purification activity that can proceed every Wednesday from 20:00 ~ 21:00 (UTC+8)
       when the territory is unclaimed.
       ▪ Siege will begin if the territory is already claimed.
    o You can claim 1 territory among 4 territories every week.
    o When you acquire a territory, you can proceed with the territory work for 4 weeks, and the siege begins
       after 4 weeks.
    o You can check the territory scheduled for claim territory and siege from the community(Shift - V) > Faction >
       Siege Info UI.
  ● How to Claim Territory?
    o Hero of Nuia and Haranya faction can craft a Purifying Archeum at the Purifying Archeum Workbench and use it
       for claim territory.
       ▪ A pirate faction cannot craft the Purifying Archeum as they cannot claim territory.
    o From 20:00 to 21:00 (UTC+8), Purifying Archeum can be crafted regardless of amount from Purifying Archeum
       Workbench in Diamond Shores base(workbench is located differently depending on each faction).
       ▪ After Purifying Archeumcan is crafted, it can be used for 1 hour within the Claim Territory period.
       ▪ Transfer the Purifying Archeum to the territory and claim the territory.

When territory is claimed, the following activities are available.
  ● Building Activity
    o When you claim territory, the territory representative will appear.
       ▪ You can purchase the territory building design from a territory representative.
       ▪ Only the hero of the faction that claimed territory can purchase the territory building design.
    o Territory building designs are as follows.
       ▪ Guardian Altar
          ▪ After construction, the hero of the faction can activate the various facilities by proceeding with Pay Respect.
          ▪ This facility is needed to use mobilization order, Enhance Faction, Storage, Workbench, Wyvern Stand,
            Stationary Cannon Foundation, and Territory Oasis.
       ▪ Territory Farm, Territory Outpost, Territory Workshop, and Territory Warehouse
          ▪ When these buildings are constructed in the territory, members of faction can acquire the territory
            contribution via various activities(hunting, gathering, and daily quest)
       ▪ Workbench on Territory Workshop
          ▪ Costume, Mount, Infusion or Awakening Scroll needed for awakening the item can be crafted.
       ▪ Use Territory Farm to activate a prosperous mine area.
          ▪ A hero can acquire the Prosperous Pack from Resource Specialist NPC on Territory Farm,
            and activate the Flag of Prosperity(its location is different based on each territory) in the territory.
          ▪ When you activate the Flag of Prosperity, you can start mining with members of the faction.
       ▪ Wall, Gate, Tower, etc.
          ▪ Buildings that can protect the territory.
  ● Territory Income and Contribution
    o You can stack the territory income by doing the territory activities.
    o Member of faction can acquire the territory development contribution as much as they contribute the territory
    o Depending on the contribution to the development of the territory, income will be calculated and rewarded by
    o Territory income is calculated on the next siege preparation period.
  ● Territory Supply Delivery
    o Every Wednesday, Transport Manager NPC will appear for the territory supply delivery, and you can stack the
       territory income via the territory supply delivery.
       ▪ From Wednesday 00:01 to 20:00 (UTC+8), the Transport Manager NPC will appear in Archeum Lodestone and
         Faction Base near the beach.
       ▪ Can start the supply delivery if the territory is claimed and stored enough amount of Territory Supplies in
         Territory Warehouse.
       ▪ A hero can initiate the supply delivery. The remaining Territory Supplies will perish when supply delivery ends.
       ▪ If supply delivery is not initiated, a certain amount of stored Territory Supplies will be preserved. 
[Lunagem Type Growth]
You can craft the Luna Charm Rank 6 from the Handicraft Kiln.
You can enchant the +5 Lunagem to +6 with Luna Charm Rank 6.
[Naval Arena: Stillwater Gulf]
Naval Arena ends.


Changed the labor consumption to 800 for crafting Hota's Strong Wheel on Hota's Strong Wheel quest.

[Cash Shop]
Following products are limited in the new server Gene until further notice.
Additional products after the opening of the server can be limited too.
- Support Package: Lv40
- All Enchant & Potions menu products (All Tempering Charm / Migration Scale / Regrade Charm / Double Vocation
  XP Elixir / Eanna's Regret)
- Scrolls: Grinding Guardian Scrolls / Blue Salt Manual
- Construction: All types of Farms
- Crops: Mysterious Planthouse / Mining Drill / Majestic Tree / Fishing Pond
- Combat Costume (Undergarments)
- ArchePass: Great Dexterity
- ArcheLife Premium Package - Rampage Chroma / Twilight Unicorn Ticket (edited 2/25)
- Some products from Monthly Special Pack

Added the Cash Shop > Garnet category.
- Garnet category is available only in Tahyang (exclusive for Taiwan transfer), and please check the products for sale
  on in-game.

Added the exclusive ArcheLife products that can be purchased with XL Cash.
- Angel Wing Elixir (except Gene server) (1 per account, per day)
- Miroir Penguin (excpet Nui, Tahyang server) (1 per account)
- 30-Day Auto-Loot Saddle (except Nui, Tahyang server) (1 per account)
- Thiol's Gift (except Nui, Tahyang server) (1 per account, per day)
※ If you are using ArcheLife, you can purchase these from Cash Shop > Lulu's goods category.
※ Angel Wing Elixir, Miroir Penguin, 30-Day Auto-Loot Saddle, and Thiol's Gift are on sale until further notice.

Added the event products that can be purchased for free in Gene server.
- Bound Hereafter Stone (x100) (1 per account)
- 7-Day Glider Companion: Sloth (1 per account) (~03.25)
※ Can be purchased from Cash Shop > Main > Special, Event
※ Bound Hereafter Stone is on sale until further notice.

Added the event products that can be purchased for free in all servers.
- Adventurer's Winged Elixir (1 per account, per day)
※ Can be purchased from Cash Shop > Main > Special, Event until further notice.

Added the promotion products that can be purchased with XL Cash in Gene server. (~03.18)
- Manastorm Box (3 per account)
※ Can be purchased from Cash Shop > Main > Special
※ When you purchase it, 50 Manastorm Crystals will be provided as a bonus.

Added the promotion products that can be purchased with XL Cash. (~03.25)
- Equipment Temper Bundle (except Gene server) (1 per account)
- Frugal ArcheBlessing Bundle (except Gene server) (1 per account)
※ Can be purchased from Cash Shop > Main > Special

The sale on Angel Wing Elixir that can be purchased for free has ended.

Added the exclusive ArcheLife products that can be purchased with XL Cash in Gene server.
- Gene's Gift: Stage 1 (1 per account)
※ Can be purchased from Cash Shop > Main > Special/Event or Cash Shop > Coin only > Lulu's goods
※ Tooltip of Gene's Gift: Stage 1 is translated as Jin, and it is planned to be fixed.