Patch Note March 25, 2021 (Part 1) (added 3/31)Update

2021-03-24 20:30
Hello, Heroes of Erenor! 
Please read the details of the patch notes on March 25, 2021 below.


[Magic Land & New Raid]

[New Area - Magic Land]
Added the new area, Magic Land.
  ● You can enter the Magic Land from Hiram Eastern Mountains.
  ● New exploration achievement and race quests are available.
Magic Land and related new raid will be opened later in the Gene server.
[Risopoda Chase]
You can start the Risopoda Chase from Magic Land.
Risopoda is a gigantic machine-type monster that can be met on the 'World Seal' of Magic Land.
  ● There are Haranya, Nuia, and Pirate Seal in Magic Land,
      and you can move into the world seal base via the worldgate located in Crimson Watch Base.
  ● Respawn point, Priestess of Nui, and Vehicle Conductor who can help you with modifying cars are located on
      the base.
  ● From the Mysthrane Workbench in the base, you can craft the Portable Siege Launcher which can be used for
      attacking Corrupted Risopoda, Nehliya and Akasch Minions.

Each faction's hero can summon the Risopoda.
  ● Each faction's hero can summon the Risopoda via the Risopoda controlling device every 36 hours.
  ● You need a Erenor Magic Stone to fix a controlling device.

Risopoda moves at a fast speed, so it is recommended to ride a vehicle and attack.
  ● You can summon the vehicle or change the component from faction base.
  ● Vehicle's attack range and angle are increased in world seal.

A quest can be accepted by engaging Risopoda or contributing to battle in your faction's world seal.
When you stop the Risopoda by making its health 1% or lower, the quest is completed and you can receive various rewards.
[Nehliya, Queen of Annihilation]
'Nehliya' is a human-type raid boss.
  ● A faction, that won the 'Faction Competition(competition via Risopoda Chase)', can summon the Nehliya on the
      Central Hall.

You can loot the Soulslake weapons from the Nehliya.
  ● A weapon can be looted with a random chance from Nehliya.
  ● You can awake the Soulslake weapons with Elite Awakening Scroll.
[Playtime of New Raid]
You can proceed Chase/Nehliya raid for 1 hour 30 minutes in total.
  ● Furthermore, Risopoda, which is the main target during the chase, will disappear within 40 minutes after its
  ● Therefore, the earlier you defeat the Risopoda, the more time you have on the Nehliya raid.

[Battle Balance Adjustment]
Changed the following skills to only able to attack the front target.
  ● Songcraft
     o Healing Hymn: Rock
  ● Vitalism
     o Holy Bolt
     o Holy Bolt: Flame
  ● Occultism
     o Crippling Mire: Rock
  ● Swiftblade
     o Twin Shadow Slash 1st hit
  ● Malediction
     o Ring Throw
  ● Ravager (warborn racial skill)
     o Dive

Adjusted following skill's effect.
  ● Archery
     o Deadeye
       ▪ Removed the archery skill range increase effect.
       ▪ Cast Time 1s -> 0s
       ▪ Deadeye Stance last for 60s when use
       ▪ Moving grants 300 Defense Penetration and stacks up to 10 times during the Deadeye Stance
       ▪ Deadeye effect is removed if not moving during the Deadeye Stance(Deadeye Stance remains)
       ▪ Not disabled by flying Glider/Magithopter
     o Steady Shooting
       ▪ Slowed during the effect -> cannot attack an enemy within the 4m
       ▪ Duration 20s -> 30s
       ▪ Increased minimum archery skill effective range from 4m -> 6m
       ▪ Not disabled by flying Glider/Magithopter
       ▪ Not disabled by riding Mount
     o Missile Rain
       ▪ [Basic] A skill that can be recharged 5 times and used at a specified location
       ▪ [Basic] A target hit by skill will become slow for 3 seconds and fall down from the mount
       ▪ [Basic] Remove untargetable and stealth buffs
       ▪ [Basic] Arrow Count : 6 projectiles -> 10 projectiles
       ▪ [Basic] Arrow Speed : 50m/s -> 75m/s
       ▪ [Mist] Can shoot front without any target
     o Snipe
       ▪ Stuns for 5 seconds when hitting a gliding enemy
       ▪ Added additional 21% damage effect on a snared target
       ▪ [Lightning] The minimum channeling time is 2 seconds -> can be used before 2 seconds of channeling
         time(low damage)
     o Double Recurve
       ▪ Added instant cast time effect to Concussive Arrow
       ▪ [Life] Added additional 3% critical chance effect for 3 seconds
     o Concussive Arrow
       ▪ Added additional 17% damage effect on a snared target
  ● Malediction
     o Soulbound Edge
       ▪ Removed combo effect that adds additional damage to Malicious Binding.
       ▪ When using the Crashing Wave skill, added the function to attack the Soulbound Edge's target first within the
     o Ring Throw
       ▪ Range 10m -> 5m
       ▪ Cannot use it to the targets in the back
     o Crashing Wave
       ▪ Decreased skill damage for 10%
     o Mana Bolts(ancestral not included)
       ▪ Decreased skill damage for 6.66%
     o Serpent Bite Combo Effect(ancestral included)
       ▪ Decreased additional 20% damage when Malice Charges stack.
       ▪ Changed Pertification effect to 2 seconds when 10 Malice Charges are stacked .
  ● Sorcery
     o Mana Fountain
       ▪ Removed the effect that increases attack speed for 100
       ▪ Added the effect that decreases global cooldown of Sorcery skill by 10%
       ▪ When holding the 2H Weapon, decreases the global cooldown of Sorcery skill by 10%
     o Flamebolt
       ▪ [Flame] Skill Cast Time 1.5s ->1s
       ▪ [Flame] Decreased damage ratio by cast time
     o Arc Lightning
       ▪ Additional 70% critical damage on a target with Burning, Frozen, and Electric Shocked effects -> Additional
         46% skill damage
  ● Battlerage
     o Duration of tripped by Battlerage skill varies depending on weapon type
       ▪ 2H Weapon: Increases the duration of tripped for 0.5s
       ▪ Others: Decreases the duration of tripped for 0.5s
  ● Swiftblade
     o Sinister Strike: Wave
       ▪ Decreased skill damage for 10%
     o Twin Shadow Slash
       ▪ Decreased skill damage for 10%
     o Blink
       ▪ Fleeting Footsteps effect remains on combo effect
       ▪ Can be used during the global cooldown of Blink and the Fleeting Footsteps effect
  ● Shadowplay
     o Drop Back: Wave
       ▪ Removed instant Concussive Arrow combo effect
  ● Witchcraft
     o Enervate
       ▪ Prevents from receiving effects from performing skills
  ● Songcraft
     o Critical Discord
       ▪ Blocks shield related skills from using during Discord effect
  ● Occultism
     o Pain Harvest
       ▪ Gain immunity to Bleeding during the effect
  ● Defense
     o Bear's Vigor
       ▪ Decreased received damage that stacks Mettle from 10% -> 5%
     o Boastful Roar
       ▪ Damage ratio of Mettle 0.6 -> 1
     o Mocking Howl
       ▪ Threat level ratio of Mettle 100% -> 500%
     o Shield Slam
       ▪ Attack speed of skill is now affected by left hand equipment
       ▪ [Gust] Cooldown 4s -> 2s
       ▪ [Gust] Removed an effect that interrupting all cast times.
     o Bull Rush
       ▪ Attack speed of skill is now affected by left-hand equipment

The following changes are related to combat stats.
  ● Equipment Attack Speed
     o Attack speed of scepter and shield have changed to 1
     o Attack speed of club has changed from 1.2 -> 1
     o Attack speed and damage of magic skills that affected by the magic attack have changed to be affected by the
        attack speed of the equipment.
     o Attack skill based on the regeneration skill and healing power is changed to be affected by attack speed of
        right-hand weapon.
       ▪ The slower attack speed, the more damage and healing.
       ▪ Slower attack speed means slower skill use speed.
  ● Character Stats
     o Strength
       ▪ Increased melee attack from 0.2 -> 0.25 per point
     o Intelligence
       ▪ Increased magic attack from 0.2 -> 0.25 per point 
       ▪ Decreased max mana increase from 12 -> 10 per point
       ▪ Removed  evasion rate increase
     o Agility
       ▪ Increased ranged attack from 0.2 -> 0.25 per point
     o Spirit
       ▪ Increased healing power ratio from 0.2 ->0.25 per point
       ▪ Removed parry rate increase
     o Strength and Agility
       ▪ Increased Focus: Approximately 5% based on each 2000
     o Intelligence and Spirit
       ▪ Decreased Cast Time: Approximately 15% based on each 2000
     o Critical Damage
       ▪ Maximum Damage 300% -> 350%
     o Changes after Ancenstral Level 1
       ▪ As the basic stats increase, the increase in following effects is changed to be gradually decreased
          ▪ Critical Hit/Critical Chance, Parry and Evasion
       ▪ Evasion
          ▪ Agility: Approximately 21.9% based on the 2000 -> Changed to approximately 10%
       ▪ Parry
          ▪ Strength: Approximately 41% based on the 2000 -> Changed to approximately 20%

Other Changes
  ● When the Sleep effect occurs during the combat, the application of aggro to enemies has changed as follows.
     o Before: Remoed when effect occurs
     o After: Significantly decreased when the effect occurs. When the effect ends, returns to the previous level before
        the Sleep effect applied.
[Combat - Improved Combat Log and Floating Damage]
The damage absorbed by the protective shield is now indicated by the grey number on the top of the damaged character.
  ● Changed the damage absorbed appeared in the combat log to the damage absorbed by the protective shield.
[Combat - Improved Combat Effect Notion]
Has improved the combat effect notion.
  ● Seperated Amount and Rate Indication
  ● Removed the increase and decrease marks included in the term and unify them into +, -
  ● Term Changed: Resilience → Critical Defense
  ● Improved Numerical Mark: Stealth Detection, Focus, and Critical Defense
  ● Improved Shield Defense Penetration ratio
     o Set to always be given a fixed value. Removed all related effects and marks.
     o (Replaced the shield defense penetration, which is connected with an existing item, with other combat effects)
[Combat Resource UI]
Added Combat Resource UI
Combat Resource UI is appeared when each  skillset is activated. (except Auramancy)

[God's Authority Improvements]
Power Fragment item will be rewarded from an automatically accepted quest.
The skill of God's Authority can be checked from the basic skill category when learned.
Added the appearance change function to farmhands.
  ● You can apply Powerstone Pet to change the appearance of farmhands.
  ● Cannot apply some of the Powerstone Pets.

Expanded the level of farmhands, and added the Trade.
  ● Trade is available from level 21 farmhand and level 55 player.
  ● If you register Farm Cart Scroll(except time-limited) on farmhands, you can proceed with the trade of specialty
      from the housing where you applied your farmhand. (unavailable in an area where has no specialty)
  ● Added the farmhands equipment for trade. It can be acquired by crafting.
  ● Expanded maximum level of farmhands to 35
  ● Lowered the EXP required for level 1-10, and increased the EXP gained.

Improved the method of charging labor points of farmhands.
  ● Changed the charge count to daily charge amount limitation.
  ● Now you can select the amount of charge.

Improved the following. 
  ● Improved the system message to make it easier to understand the information of farmhand labor point
      consumption, production fee consumption and others.
  ● Changed the amount of bonus items acquired from the function of farmhands farm.
  ● Now you can acquire the meat from the result items from livestock for butchering.
  ● Changed the status of imprinted/not imprinted to be recognized more precisely.
  ● Changed the farmhands button to be found in 'Convenience function' by clicking.
  ● When registering the plantings, you can check the information of labor points, vocation points and others on
[Vocation - Others]
Added the Vanilla, Pepper, Blueberry Seed Bundle in Field.
Added the Vanilla, Pepper, Blueberry Seed Bundle 
Improved the trade road by restricting plantings placement in some areas.
Changed the growth time of Thistle and Cornflower.
Changed that you can acquire more results when gathering Peanut, Aloe and Rye Seed by low chance. (applied same in harvesting request on farmhands)
[Housing - Others]
Added the caution phrase when remodeling the housing
- 'If this is your only residence in the region, you will lose all current Contribution at the Community Center.'
Increased the amount of Blueberry gathered that grow in Thatched Roof Wall.
[Erenor Sacred Place]
Playtime - "Baby one more time!"
  ● Intention : Erenor Sacred Placed is sure a hard dungeon. However, we believe that it can be cleared by the top users in the condition of knowing patterns. Still, there is an opinion that 2 hours is not enough to study patterns, so we added more time.
  ● Detail: Changed 2 hours -> 3 hours

Horizontal Swing - "Chance!"
  ● Intention : 'Horizontal Swing' skill gives damage in a radius of 360 degrees and within 10m. If no one gets hit, stacks a self-buff. The Erenor Sacred Place is a dungeon where melee class is hard to play in overall, and there is an opinion that the priority of melee class is becoming lower, so leaving the rear a little empty. (However, vertical swing still has rear damage, so be cautious.)

Fixed a problem that monsters from Divine Boundary are not returning in particular situation.
Increased the amount of <Unidentified Abyssal Enhancer> and <Guardian Manashard> that can be acquired from Erenor Sacred Place.
[Noryette Challenge]
Added the 'Noryette Guard' that helps you to get back to inside if game failure causes you to break away from the combat area.
[Abyssal Library]
Increased the amount of <Unidentified Abyssal Enhancer> that can be acquired from Abyssal Library.
Added the portal at Crimson Altar that teleports you down to the combat area.
  ● Teleports you down to the ground when you move near the portal without any interaction.
  ● Portal will be disappeared when Kadum's health is 30%.
The level requirement for Golden Plains Battle is changed to 50.
Dash and other skills are unavailable while waiting in Drill Camp Arena.
Removed the combat phase that red dragon flies away when reaches the health bar under 50%

[Instance Entry Condition Changes] (added 3/31)
Red Dragon's Keep
  ● Required Equipment Points: 3,000 > 5,000
  ● Required Equipment Points: 6,000 > 8,000
Golden Plains Battle
  ● Required Equipment Points: 6,000 > 8,000
[Raid & NPC]
[Raid Schedule]
Overall raid schedule is changed as the Chase and Nehliya are added.
- Removed the raid(Black Dragon, Leviathan, Charybdis and Kraken) that occurs in 50% chance on Tuesday and Thursday. Added the Chase & Nehliya raid. 
  Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun Ravine of Time and Space Time of Appearance
Black Dragon   100%         100% 1 hour 21:30 (UTC+8)
Kraken   100%         100% 1 hour 21:30 (UTC+8)
Leviathan       100%     100% 2 hour 21:30 (UTC+8)
Charybdis       100%     100% 1 hour 21:30 (UTC+8)
Anthalon           100% 100% 50 minutes 21:00 (UTC+8)
Chase/Nehliya   100%   100%       Total 1 hour 30 minutes 21:00 (UTC+8)
Among the 2nd category list of raid, removed the categories except 'Recruit Any' and 'Furious Thunderwing Titan'.
[Stronger Raid Boss]
Added the new awaken 'Jola the Faithful', 'Relentless Glenn' and 'Vicious Meina' raid boss.
  ● 'Jola the Faithful'
     o There is a chance to appear awaken Jola when 'Jola the Cursed' is defeated.
     o Awaken raid bosses will disappear via the Ravine of Time and Space Time after an hour.
  ● 'Relentless Glenn' and 'Vicious Meina'
     o There is a chance to appear awaken Glenn and Meina when they are defeated in Sungold Fields.
     o Awaken raid bosses will disappear via the Ravine of Time and Space Time after an hour.
  ● You can acquire the Locked Gold Crate and new Worldboss Infusion when you defeat the 'Jola the Faithful',
      'Relentless Glenn' and 'Vicious Meina'.
[Delphinad Ghost Ship]
If there is insufficient space in the bag when attempting to acquire the Delphinad Ghost Ship's Gift Chest, the time limit for obtaining a reward has been changed from 3 minutes to 8 minutes.
[Health Bar]
The health gauge when targeting Elite or above monsters has been changed to display as multiple gauges.
[NPC - Others]
The area that can be selected when targeting Kraken has been minimized to its head.
Changed the position of some of 'Growling Pirate' that take the role of the guard in Growlgate Isle.

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