Patch Note March 25, 2021 (Part 2)Update

2021-03-24 20:30
Hello Heroes of Erenor!
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[Item and Folio]
Added the upper and lower limit price of XL Cash Pouch sold at the auction house.
The upper and lower limit price can be changed in real-time, and registered items outside of the price range will be miscarried.

The effect of Complete Set by armor type has been changed as follows.
  ● Cloth Armor
     o Removed the effect that decreases the duration of Shackle.
     o Changed the duration of Silence from 20% -> 30%
  ● Plate Armor
     o Changed the duration of Shackle from 20% -> 30%

Changed the Awakening Scrolls as follows.
  ● Changed the name of Grand Armor Type Conversion Scroll to Grand Armor Awakening Scroll.
  ● Added the Grand Weapon Type Conversion Scroll, Splendid Weapon Type Conversion Scroll, Grand Armor Type
      Conversion Scroll and Splendid Armor Type Conversion Scroll.
  ● With the Grand Weapon Type Conversion Scroll, you can convert the Brilliant Hiram Guardian Weapon,
      Glorious Hiram Guardian Weapon, Disciple’s Weapon and Radiant Disciple’s Weapon.
     o It can only be converted to the same part of the equipment.
  ● With the Splendid Weapon Type Conversion Scroll and Splendid Armor Type Conversion Scroll, you can convert
      the Exalted Hiram Guardian Equipment and Zelous/Covet Eternal Rest Equipment
     o It can only be converted to the same part of the equipment.
Added the Improvements tab in the Item Encyclopedia.
  ● You can check the item required for upgrading equipments.

Changed the Clipper Materials Pack name and acquirable items.
  ● Clipper Materials Pack
    o Bound Machine Component Regrade Scroll x10
    o Scroll: Harpoon Clipper x1

Added the some of Lunagems that can be converted with Gem Carver.
Now you can uncloak as much as the maximum number of Gem Carver Crate.
Added the 3 kinds of Hedgie Powerstone Pet in the Powerstone Pet category of Item Encyclopedia.
Cannot purchase or use Adventurer's Evenstone anymore, and you can sell it at a shop.

Added the 'Equipment Material Chest'.
  ● You can store the Synthesis Materials, Cloak Synthesis Materials and Awakening Materials kinds.
  ● It can be acquired by achievement of territory activity.

Added the '50-Slot Equipment Material Chest'.
  ● You can craft it with 'Equipment Material Chest' and Territory Coin at Handicraft Kiln.

Added the time-limited Salon Certificate.
  ● Existing Salon Certificate will be changed to time-limited Salon Certificate when used.

Revised some item name or description.
  ● Changed the item description of <Vivid Earth Lunascale: Mastery>.
  ● Added more details on the tooltip of Enhanced Snare from the Lotus Yard skill of Lotus Magithopter.
  ● Changed the name of 'Ship Component Regrade Scroll' to 'Machine Component Regrade Scroll'.
  ● Changed the name of 'Brinebound Rock' to 'Arcanebound Rock'.
  ● Added the unable to equip the equipment phrase in the time-limited mounts that unable to equip some equipment.
  ● Fixed a combat effect mark error in some items.
  ● Revised the item description of Timber Coupe v2 Design.
  ● Added the Arasha Nomad Costume at Regal Cloth Armor Form.
  ● Changed the name of crafted equipment awakening materials.
    o You can check each part of the folio of crafted equipment awakening materials in the Character Equipment
Changed the amount of crafting materials for Precision Toolbox.
  ● Gold Ingot 10 -> 2
[Economic Balance]
[Balancing - Equipment Growth]
Lowered the synthesis fee for following equipment.
  ● The fee reduction varies depending on the grade, stage and type of following equipment; Hiram Guardian
      Equipment, Dungeon Equipment, World Boss Equipment, Noryette Accessory and Necklace from Hereafter Rebellion.
  ● When synthesizing, changed the labor points consumed from 20 -> 15 for each material.
Lowered the socketing fee for some Lunagems.
Changed to not be able to send attached mail except for your own faction.

Changed the gold limit in group mail.
   ● 3,000 Gold
[Balancing - Gold Supply]
Changed the acquirable gold amount and acquisition chance for 'Ancestor's Coinpurse' and 'Garden Coinpurse'.

Added the Warden's Coinpurse.
  ● It can be acquired by the reward of Fairy Request, daily mission reward from Erenor Sacred Place, and
      garden monsters during the at war state.
[Balancing - Trade Payment]
Changed the reward fluctuation width depending on the value stage of Preserved Specialty.
Changed the rules for calculating the sales price of Specialities. Only passing through safe areas or short distances may be applied unfavorably.
Changes of territory buildings are as follows.
  ● Added the "Workshop Employee" in Advanced Workbench.
     o Employee sells the limited product at midnight on Wednesday after the end of siege.
     o This product has a limited stock to be sold, so the sale will end if it is sold more than a certain amount.
     o After midnight on Wednesday, new products will be on sale regardless of whether limited products are sold
        out or not.
     o The items on sale are Erenor Infusions, and they can be only purchased with Territory Coin.
     o Products can be purchased for each person once every 24 hours.
     o There will be a more chance of a higher grade of Erenor Infusions on sale if the faction has more territories.
  ● Changed the maximum time requesting hero for the help of "Workshop Steward" who appears in Advanced
     o Before: 1-hour
     o After: 6-hour
  ● Added the "Outpost Employee" in Advanced Territory Outpost.
     o Outpost Employee cannot be used immediately, and it starts activity after the end of the siege in that territory.
     o Outpost Employee receives "Support" from faction members on start.
     o During the "Support" status, you can accept a daily quest that provides Territory Coin.
     o When the quest, which can be accepted during the "Support" status, is completed for 100 times, the status is
        changed to "Supplied".
     o During the "Supplied" status, you can accept a weekly quest that provides "Glorious Hiram Awakening Scroll".
     o Outpost Employee will be changed back to "Support" status again after the end of the Siege.
  ● Added some folios in Territory Crafting Workbench.
     o You can craft Brilliant/Radiant/Hiram Awakening Scrolls with Territory Coin.
Changes of Siege are as follows.
  ● Increased the maximum ratio of raid income when winning the Siege as an attacker.
     o Below is the amount of raid gold based on the accumulation of 200,00 gold.

Amount of Defender's Territory 

Before the Siege

Raid Gold(Per person/Gold)
Haranya/Nuia Pirate
1 0 0
2 500 700
3 1,000 1,500
4 2,000 3,000
[Garden - Ranking]
Added the <Garden> ranking
  ● The earned points from the daily <Fairy Request> quest of Garden during the period are accumulated and
     o You can gain additional points even on reward level 12. (Additional points do not affect quest rewards.)
     o Be aware that the score will only accumulate when the quest is completed.
  ● Ranking ends at 0:00 every Monday and rewards are provided by mail based on the overall server ranking.
     o The first place reward contains a new achievement, title and icon on first use.
[Improved Cross-Server Chat Function]
You can faction, family and guild chat in cross-server, arena, garden.

[Quest & Chronicle]
[The Chronicle Quest, 'Calleil and the Crown Prince']
Added the Chronicle Quest that you can hear out the hidden stories in ArcheAge
Added the 'Calleil and the Crown Prince' related achievements and titles.
[Quest - Others]
Adjusted the reward experience for some quests.
Changed the color of the NPC question mark of daily quests which can be completed early.
Changed the weekly quest rewards in Auroria.
Added 8 equipment growth tutorial quests.
  ● You can complete 5 achievements when completed the equipment growth quests.
  ● You can acquire a reward contains Gilda Star when you have completed achievements.
Lowered the difficulty of 'The Hand of Fate' quest.
[Faction Activity Rank]
Strengthened the conditions of accumulating faction activity scores, and added scores of the number of faction activity members.
There is no accumulation of scores for players with few numbers and a lack of activities. This applies in different values for each server.
The faction activity rank has been extended from 5 to 10 and changed to be marked with a score.
Reduced the number of pirate defected. (5 -> 3)
Changed the exile condition.
Language Proficiency 5,000 -> 10,000
Equipment Points 8,000 -> 10,000
[Expanding Language Proficiency]
Changed the Language Proficiency gained by Language Proficiency Spellbook to 20000
Established a language lesson for exiles in Marianople and Austera.
Added language lessons from tutors in big cities.
Added language lessons from private tutors.
Added the folio of 'The Art of Language Part II' that needed for language lessons from private tutors.
[Vehicle Modification]
Added the Vehicle Components that can change the appearance of the vehicle and improve its performance.
  ● Target Vehicles: Redwood Roadster, Nova Speedster, Apex Drift, Strada, Wheeled Mortar, Fire Ironclad and
No longer overheats the Redwood Roadster, Nova Speedster and Apex Drift when 'Supercharging' skill is used.
Changed Nova Speedster and Apex Drift to 4-wheeler such as redwood Roadster.
Physics are applied to Steamtanks when riding it. (The speed varies depending on the slope.)
The basic attack power of the Steamtanks has increased, and the projectile speed has decreased.
Added the 'Intuition' skill that protects the rider when riding vehicles.
Added the Andelph Machine Design Pouch that has a chance to obtain vehicle component design.
  ● It can be acquired from all the Auroria monsters except naval, worldboss and garden monsters.
Due to the vehicle modification update, there is a risk that the trade packs on the vehicle may disappear when the maintenance is completed. So please retrieve the trade packs before the maintenance.
[Monster Capture]
  ● Added the Capturing Toolbox Ver. 4 in arena shop.
  ● Added the quest to capture the specific monster with the item selected from the Capturing Toolbox.
  ● 5 capturable mount quests are as follows.
     o Grass Root Bait (Grub)
     o Insect Bait (Spider)
     o Cricket Bait (Mantis)
     o Rock Bait (Earth Elemental)
     o Fish Bait (Crayfish)
[Vehicles/Mounts - Others]
Removed the function that gains the experience when some mount moves for a certain distance.
Added the unable to equip the equipment phrase in description of some pets.
Added the default damage type statement in the item tooltip of some battle pets, and removed the summon available level statement.
Lowered the Steamtank's normal mode damage by 30%, and siege mode by 20%.
Changed the height of railing of the Front Shield.
Removed the content that not applied to the details UI on vehicles.
[Raid - Raid Rosters & Group Mail Function]
Added the Raid Rosters function.
  ● <Raid Info Shift+R - Save Roster button>
You can send group mail to the members of the roster.
  ● <Mailbox - Compose - Load Rosters>
Minimum 20 members are required to save the list and send mail. 10 minutes of cooldown occurs after use.
If you attach the total amount, it will be automatically divided by the number of members.
  ● Cannot receive more than a 1,000 gold per person.
Changed the raid summon button to the image button.
Changed some content of prison break.
  ● Full Chest can be opened once by prisoner.
  ● Increased the respawn time of the Full Chest.
  ● Wingbeats of Freedom can be used for 30 minutes once it is acquired.
  ● Existing Wingbeats of Freedom will be deleted.
Changed the lootable status effect to do not appear when common monsters are defeated.
Cannot use the skill registered in the unmarked additional shortcut bar.
Changed the design and composition of pop-ups.
Changed the tab of Display Details to the image button.
Improved trade value to be updated in real-time when purchasing cargoes.
Opening some contents in Gene server.
  ● Golden Plains Battle
  ● Alliance/Exile
  ● Farmhands

[Cash Shop]
Added the event product that can be purchased for free. (~04.01 until Maintenance)
- Bound 3-Day Salon Certificate (1 per account)
※ Can be purchased from Cash Shop > Main > Special

Added the event product that can be purchased with XL Cash. (~04.08 until Maintenance)
- Third Manastorm Box (3 per account)
※ Can be purchased from Cash Shop > Main > Special
※ 50 Manastorm Crystals are provided as a bonus upon purchase.
Added event discount products that can be purchased with XL Cash. (~04.08 until Maintenance)
- Bound Labor Recharger (x30) (1 per account, exclusive for Gene server)
- Bound Labor Recharger (x100) (3 per account, except Gene server)
※ Can be purchased from Cash Shop > Main > Special
Added the product that can be purchased everyday with XL Cash.
- Full Kit: Forest Mushroom House (1 per account)
- Lunar Scarecrow Farm Kit (1 per account)
- Full Kit: Lunar Scarecrow Garden (1 per account)
- Farmhand Fruit (x3)
- Splendid Weapon Type Conversion Scroll (except Gene server)
- Splendid Armor Type Conversion Scroll (except Gene server)
- Grand Weapon Type Conversion Scroll
- Grand Armor Type Conversion Scroll
- Fireglow Gem Carver Crate (except Gene server)
- Copperglow Gem Carver Crate (except Gene server)
- Waveglow Gem Carver Crate (except Gene server)
- Earthglow Gem Carver Crate (except Gene server)
- Galeglow Gem Carver Crate (except Gene server)
- Sunglow Gem Carver Crate (except Gene server)
Added the homecoming event products that can be purchased for free.
- Locked Homecoming Warrior Supply Pack (Exclusive for Nui and Tahyang server)
- Garden Supply Pack (exclusive for Gene server)
※ These benefits are for 'Homecoming Warriors' who haven't been logged in to the game for 30 days, and these can be purchased for free from Main > Event menu.
※ Garden Supply Pack can be opened by 'Homecoming Warrior Key' which is acquired from homecoming benefit.
※ Event items and benefits are applied differently for each server.

Products below are now available in Gene server, and starting the discount event for a week. (~04.01 until Maintenance)
- Mining Drill (1 per account, per day)
- Majestic Tree (1 per account, per day)
- Fishing Pond (3 per account, per day)
- Mysterious Planthouse (3 per account, per day)
※ Can be purchased from Cash Shop > Main > Special

[Bug Fix]
Fixed an issue that cannot remove the crystallization on some items with Decrystallization Scroll.

Fixed an issue that cannot see the appearance of a Small Inflatable Pool when used.

Fixed an issue that cannot open the Gear Upgrade window when using the Story Quest Infusion in the bag.

Corrected the tooltip of 'Orchidna's Dream Lunastone'.

Fixed an issue that the Transportation Ticket: "Follow" feature is not working.

Corrected the tooltip of the Festival zone on the map.