[Event] Watermelon DeliveryEvent

2021-04-01 11:00

Hello, Heroes of Erenor!
What good is the warmth of summer, without the chilled Watermelon to give it sweetness!
Watermelon is getting popular during the hot season in the ArcheAge world and the Watermelon Merchant is in desperate need of help again! Help this poor Daru and receive some sweet rewards.
Event DUration
April 1, 2021[UTC+8] After Maintenance - April 29, 2021[UTC+8] Before Maintenance 
How to Join the Event
1. Talk to NPC Brad in Austera, Marianople, and Diamond Shores to obtain 'Order Receipt’(expires in 24hours, Required Lv 50+).
2. Use the Order Receipt on the Order Machine beside the NPC to obtain a Delivery Order”
3. Use 'Delivery Order' and deliver the 'Watermelon' to the Community Center NPC in the Shipping address.
Complete the delivery and receive ‘Watermelon Delivery Reward(Expires on May 6th, 2021 at 8 AM)’!
► What’s inside ‘Watermelon Delivery Reward’:
(Opening Watermelon Delivery Reward requires 100 Labor)
○ Manastorm Crystal x10
     ○ Fruit of Effort x1
○ Honorable Potion Crate: Rank 10 x1
※ The rewards are bound when obtained
1. The quest requires level +50 or higher.
2. The quest resets at 24:00 (UTC +8) daily.
3. Order Receipt and Delivery Order cannot be recovered if it’s destroyed,
4. Watermelon NPC ‘Brad’, event quest, quest items, and Order Machine disappear after the April 29, 2021 maintenance.
5. Watermelon Delivery Reward expires on May 6th, 2021 at 8 AM UTC+8
6. Watermelon Pack cannot be dropped. It disappears when completing or giving up the quest,  the character dies, or 24 hours passed.
7. Watermelon Pack can be retrieved at the Order Machine if you lost it.
8. All event items cannot be recovered.