[Event] Drenching ArenaEvent

2021-04-29 11:00

Drenching Arena

 Event Period
After April 29, 2021 Maintenance  Before May 13, 2021 Maintenance (UTC+8)
 Event Details
- Drenching Arena is held in Arena. No festival area will be arranged.

- Accept the quest from 'NPC Azura' in Austera, Stormraw Sound, Marianople, or Diamond Shores

 Marianople  Diamond Shores  Austera  Stormraw Sound

What is Drenching Arena?
How to join

Enter the Arena by interacting with Arena Recruiter or clicking the ‘Instance’ menu (shortcut Shift-; ) at the bottom right of the screen.

How to Proceed

- After entering, you may choose 1 of the 3 paint colors and begin the battle.
- It is a 3 vs 3 battle.
- Reach the kill count of 10 in 5 minutes to win the battle.
- Running out of HP will remove the paint and eliminate you from the battle.
- You can enter the Arena as many as you want but the rewards can be claimed only 3 times daily.

Paint Color

1 of the 3 paint colors can be chosen. Each color inflicts a different type of additional damage.

Paints Attribute:

Purple Splash Attack Damage +100%
Yellow Water Cannon Damage +10%
Green Hydro Bomb Damage +10%


Battle Result Icon Reward Icon Reward
Victory Kyrios Badge x3
(Binds on pickup)
Lansisha's Crystal x3
(Binds on Pick up)
Defeat Kyrios Badge x1
(Binds on Pickup)
Lansisha's Crystal x1
(BInds on Pickup)
Draw Kyrios Badge x1
(Binds on Pickup)
Lansisha's Crystal x1
(Binds on pickup)

Arena Ranking Reward (1st-100th Place)

Rank Icon Reward Grade Components
1 Executioner: Drenching Arena
Eternal Kyrios Badge x50
Festival Coin x50
2 - 5 Executioner: Drenching Arena Mythic Kyrios Badge x40
Festival Coin x40
6 - 20 Executioner: Drenching Arena Legendary Kyrios Badge x30
Festival Coin x30

21 - 50 Executioner: Drenching Arena Epic Kyrios Badge x20
Festival Coin x20
51 - 100 Executioner: Drenching Arena Divine Kyrios Badge x10
Festival Coin x10

Quest Progress 
All the quests for the Drenching Arena can be accepted from 'NPC Azura' in 'Austera, Stormraw Sound, Marianople, and Diamond Shores.

Make a Splash (Quest Normal)

NPC Quest: Azura
“The Drenched Festival is in full swing! You can sign up for the Drenching Arena through an Arena Recruiter. Come help the Brotherhood and have fun at the same time!”

1. Accept the quest 'Make a Splash' from NPC 'Azura’.
2. Talking to 'Azura' will automatically complete the quest.
※ Normal Quests can be completed only once per character. The character that completed the quest in the previous season cannot accept the quest again.
The Origins of Mirror Plane (Quest Normal)

NPC Quest: Azura
“Ooh, have you never been to the Mirror Dimension? It's a parallel world, ruled by the mysterious goddess Lansisha.
Long ago, Lansisha was worshipped in our world. Stories say her followers could travel through the Mirror Dimension at will, using portals scattered across Erenor.
If the Blue Salt Brotherhood could harness that power, we could move goods across great distances in no time at all! It would revolutionize trade as we know it!
Unfortunately, earning the goddess's favor is a little more difficult than we anticipated.
But that's where you come in!”
1. Accept the quest 'The Origins of the Mirror Plane' from NPC 'Azura’.
2. Talking to 'Azura' will automatically complete the quest.
※ Normal Quests can be completed only once per character. The character that completed the quest in the previous season cannot accept the quest again.

Icon Name
Festival Coin x1
(Binds upon Pickup)

A Refreshing Reward (Daily Reward)

NPC Quest: Azura
“To please the goddess Lansisha, you need to enter the Mirror Dimension and compete in her games.
The current game is the "Drenching Arena," where competitors are covered in paint and then blast each other with water. Wash off your opponent's paint first, and you win!
If you do well, the goddess will reward you with magical Lansisha's Crystals. Those are what we're after. Bring me as many crystals as you can, and I'll make it worth your while!
Hey, you got some crystals! Here, I'll trade you for some of these Magic Mirror Fragments; collect enough of them, and you can extract valuable magic items from the Mirror Dimension.”
1. Accept the quest 'A Refreshing Reward' from NPC 'Azura'.
2. Deliver 3 'Lansisha's Crystal' obtained from the Drenching Arena to Azura.
Icon Name Explanation
Festival Coin x5
(Binds upon pickup)
Watermelon Bowl x1
(Binds upon pickup)
Increases Evasion +3%
Increases Attack Speed by 41
Decreasing Cast Time by 4%
♣ Notes
1. All Daily Quests will be reset every day at 24:00 UTC +8.
2. All festival NPCs and festival quest items will disappear after the maintenance at the end of the festival period.
3. Items obtained from the festival cannot be returned or recovered when destroyed.
4. Demolition of  the building will destroy the event-rewarded furniture in the building.
5. Festival Gift Exchanger will disappear from the festival area after the festival ends but the one in Mirage Isle will remain.
6. All festival quests require level 10 or higher.