[Event] Maze RunnerEvent

2021-05-06 13:00

Maze Runner

Hello, heroes of Erenor!
As Spring is coming, we’re holding a Maze Runner event in Mirage Isle!
Find your way out in this thrilling Maze!

Event Duration and Location
- After May 6, 2021 Maintenance - Before May 20, 2021 Maintenance 
- At the east of the Mirage Island

 How to Join the Event
1) Login to receive 'Mirage Maze Ticket' daily.(Only the first logged in character of the day can receive the ticket)
2) Talk to 'Maze Guide' NPC with the ticket.  
3) Interact with the Nui statue beside the NPC and receive the two timer buffs
4) Enter the Maze via World Gate and begin!
 How to Enjoy the Maze 1
Escape the Maze to earn [Maze Coins] for various rewards!
Escape Condition Icon Rewards Contains
Escape in 2 min Large Mirage Maze Trophy Maze Coin x3
Escape in 2~30 min Mirage Maze Trophy Maze Coin x1
Escape via 'Escape' Skill - No Reward -

- Beware of the ‘Traps’! It will eat up your time.
- Nui Statue’ found in the maze can renew the ‘Maze Timer’ buff once.
- Gliders and mounts are not allowed. Mounts will die upon summoning!
Possible Rewards from Unidentified Small Marble (Random)
Exchange the coins [Unidentified Small Marble] at [Mirage Maze Gift Exchanger]
Image Item Name
Morpheus Globe
Radiant Hiram Infusion x5
Bound Serendipity Stone
Luna Charm Rank 1
Adventurer's Winged Elixir
Decrystallization Scroll
Honorforged Medal

 How to Enjoy the Maze 2, The Dead End
Dead End doesn’t mean a complete failure. 
Find the Treasure Chest hidden at the Dead End and loot the Labor recharger!
Rewards from Mirage Maze Treasure:
Icon Name
Bound Labor Recharger

 How to Enjoy Maze 3 - Hidden Achievement and rewards!
Accomplish Hidden goals and receive the rewards.
Achievement Rewards
Wrong Turn Title: Sneak Level 100
Road Hazard Maze Coin
Maze Runner Title: Maze Runner
Large Mirage Maze Trophy Aranzebia Plushie
Mirage Maze Trophy Title: Homesick

1. Mirage Maze can only be entered once a day. You cannot re-enter on the same day if you escape via Escape skill or if the 30min buff expires.
2. Only the first logged in character of the day can receive the Mirage Maze Ticket and we do not transfer the ticket to another character. The ticket distribution timer resets at 6am (UTC+8) daily.
3. The event requires level 30 or higher.
4. The timer buffs decrease even while offline.
5. Mirage Maze, Maze Guide, and Mirage Maze Ticket will disappear after the May 20, 2021 maintenance.
6. Maze Coins, Mirage Maze Gift Exchanger, Gift Exchanger Guide will disappear after the May 27, 2021 maintenance.
7. All event items cannot be recovered.