Patch Note May 20, 2021 (Part 2)Update

2021-05-19 20:30
Hello Heroes of Erenor!
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[Lucent Serendipity Stone]
This item is acquirable when the Garden is at war.
There is a low chance of looting 'Lucent Serendipity Stone' from an aggressive monster.
Can change Faint Fireglow/Waveglow Lunagem to Fireglow/Waveglow/Copperglow/Galeglow/Earthglow Lunagem.
Added the folio of Equipment Awakening Scroll Rank 3.
Added the 'Raging Oath' which is the upper-tier weapon of 'Burning Pledge'.
  ● Added the 'Improved Morpheus Awakening Scroll'.
  ● It can be crafted at Proven Warrior Workbench and used for awakening 'Burning Pledge' to 'Raging Oath'
Added the 'Eternal Anguish' which is the upper tier weapon of 'Frozen Anguish'.
  ● Added the 'Improved Rangora Awakening Scroll'.
  ● It can be crafted at Proven Warrior Workbench and used for awakening 'Frozen Anguish' to 'Eternal Anguish'
Improved the icon of Mutton, Pork, and Beef to be easily distinguished.
Added the Machine Anchoring Emblem(Epic/Legendary), Machine Anchoring Charm(Epic/Legendary) item.
  ● It is used as a support item when regrading the Machine Component.
  ● It can be crafted at Improved Workbench.
  ● Machine Anchoring Emblem
     o Decreases the destruction chance by -50% when regrade is failed
  ● Machine Anchoring Charm
     o Decreases the destruction chance by -50% when regrade is failed
     o Doubles the regrade success chance.
  ● Added the Brilliant Hiram Infusion.
     o When used, 50 labor points are used and acquires the Divine grade of Hiram Infusion.
Added the Wrapped Bound Proficiency Decrease Certificate that can be purchased from Vocation Badges Shop.
Added the Flaming Pinion and Eanna's Regret in General Merchant.
Added the folio of Powerstones, Tempering Charms, and Charms item
Changed the crafting material of Lunastone.

[Magic Land - Changed to Faction Competition]
Changed the Rispoda Chase and Nehliya raid in Magic Land in the form of a Faction Competition.
Updated the Risopoda
  ● Decreased the health to 9000000.
  ● Changed the movement of Rispoda to be more unpredictable.
  ● Added the skill that summons the fixed Sentry Orb.
Removed the Magic Land raid schedule starting from 21:00 PM on Tuesday/Thursday (UTC+8)
Added the Myth grade of "Atheneum Golem" and "Guardian Doomgaze" monster that appear on Miniworld.
Installed the device that summons the Rispoda at the center of Miniworld.
- Hero of faction can summon the Rispoda every 36 hours
Added the Faction Competition Contribution daily quest following the update of the Magic Land Faction Competition.
Improved the component of Spare Parts Box that acquired as a reward when Rispoda defeated the Rispoda.
  ● Acquires the Machine Anchoring Shard when used.
     o It is used for crafting Machine Anchoring Emblem
  ● There is a low chance of acquiring Unidentified Resilience Pouch when used.
     o Acquire one among Black Dragon's Resilience, Leviathan's Resilience, and Kraken's Resilience when identified the Unidentified Resilience Pouch.

Changed the rule of the number of people to accumulate the raid monster defeat score.
When checking the number of people participating in the raid, changed it to check the number of people via combat records regardless of the raid members.
[Mirage Isle Improvement]
Improved the area and changed the structure placement.
  ● Improved the track in Mirage Isle by rearranging products and structures.
  ● Expanded the Mirage Isle area.

Added the new 5 types of tutorials and improved the tutorial reward.
Changed the tooltip content of 'Nachen's Vengeance' quest.
Added the new 7 types of tutorial/achievement reward items.
Added the Farm Cart Chroma in the complete condition of some farm carts acquisition achievement.
Improved that players are protected from PK in the 'own building area' regardless of the 'Conflict, Neutral, and At War' status.
  ● The existing 'Housing Province Protection in Conflict Area Feature' is no longer functions since the 'Protection within Own Building Area Feature' is improved.
Improved that unable to install the 'Thatched Farmhouse' where 'Gazebo Farm' was installed before.
Improved that 'Spacious Hardwood Chair' furniture to be able to install in the yard.
[Expansion of Shortcut Bar and Skillset]
Added 5th shortcut bar (12 slots & fixed)
Increased the maximum number of expandable skillsets from 3 to 5.
[Costume Appearance Slot]
Added the 'Costume Appearance Slot' at Costume.
  ● You can only equip the 'Image Item status costumes' at the Costume Appearance Slot, and it ignores the stat of the equipped costume, and the appearance is applied only.
  ● For stat, the stat of the costume equipped on the 'Stat Slot' is applied.
  ● If the Costume Appearance Slot is empty, the appearance of the costume equipped on the Stat Slot appears.
For Costumes only, changed that no longer able to combine the Stat Costume and Image Item Costume at the existing item appearance change UI.

Improved the basic UI of Crest Printer and added the 17 basic designs.
Modified the ancestral rank to be the same when ancestral level and experience are the same.
Complemented the tooltip contents regarding the available number of completing ArchePass.
- All characters on one server in your account share the number of completing ArchePass and the number of changing the mission.


The Manastorm Claw Machine event will be held from May 20th to June 3rd.
Requires minimum level 30 to participate.

Changed that the hiding detection distance displayed in the character info to show the detection distance when the target's hiding stage is at most.
Changed the icon of Caernord Battle Clipper.
Redesigned the useful tips(loading screen tips) with useful information for beginners.
Changed the location of 'Johan' NPC in Marianople for the user's convenience.
Removed the Orange color among the HP colors of NPC since the red and orange colors are easily confused.
Added the tab icon at combat resource UI - window for better visibility and recognition of click area for rearranging.
Changed the design layout of some UI.
Fixed that the incorrectly displayed text related to the increase and decrease of some effects.

Opened the contents below in Gene server.
  ● Equipments
      - Radiant Erenor
      - Glorious Hiram Guardian
  ● Region
      - Eastern Hiram Mountains
  ● Instances
      - 4th floor of Abyssal Library
      - Kadum
  ● Lunagems
      - Glorious Lunagems
      - Luna Charm Rank 4 & 5

Removed the Character Creation Slot limit in Gene server.

[Bug Fix]

Fixed an error that could interrupt the other factions during the Rispoda chase in Magic Land.

Fixed an issue that some monsters in the Garden occur immune during the combat.

Changed the Combat Resource: Adrenaline Rush to not accumulate additionally within 1 second.

Fixed the tooltip description regarding the production of farmhands.

Fixed a phenomenon that words of guidance overlap when salvaging lunagems.

[Cash Shop]

Added the new product that can be purchased with XL Cash.
- ArchePass Upgrade Ticket: Advanced/Best
- Melon Ice Cream Weapon Chest (Link)
※ Can be purchased from Cash Shop > Main > Special
Added the event discount product that can be purchased with XL Cash.
- Fusion Alembic (x10) (1 per account) (~05.27 until the maintenance)
※ Can be purchased from Cash Shop > Main > Special
Added the exclusive product for ArcheLife that can be purchased with XL Cash.
- Image Item: Snowbright Perinoor Cottons/Midnight Perinoor Cottons/Blossom Perinoor Cottons (1 per account) (~06.03 until the maintenance)
※ If you are using the ArcheLife, these can be purchased from Cash Shop > Coin Only > Lulu's goods
Products below are now available in Gene Server.
- Mistsong/Superior/Grinding Grinding Guardian Scroll
※ Can be purchased from Cash Shop > Consumable > Scrolls
Added the event product that can be purchased for free in Gene server. (~05.27 until the maintenance)
- Unidentified Mythic Hiram Infusion (x10) (1 per account, per day)
- Blessed/Divine Hiram Awakening Scroll (1 per account)
※ Can be purchased from Cash Shop > Main > Special (exclusive for Gene server)