[Event] Into the Sky!Event

2021-06-03 11:00

Into the Sky! Event

Event Period and Location
- After June 3, 2021 Maintenance - Before June 17, 2021 Maintenance
- Location: Mirage Isle

 Who can participate
Players from all Servers

 Event Details
1) Enter Mirage Isle and use the Worldgate: Sky Race to go to the event area.
2) Accept [Mirage Sky Race] quest from NPC Engineer Torry to obtain Scroll: Torry's Sky Racer
3) Summon Torry's Sky Racer and drive it high on the rail using boost. 
4) Jump up to the sky targeting the red circles in the sea after passing through the 1st - 3rd point of the rail.
5) The reward is sent as soon as you hit the circle.The number of Sky Race Coins from the rewards varies depending on the circle you hit(the inner the better).
6) Talk to Torry to complete the quest and receive additional x10 Sky Race Coins and x1 Sky Race Key. Use the key to open the reward. 

 Torry’s Sky Racer
The following cases might lead to the destruction of Torry’s Sky Racer. Please pass and re-receive the quest if destroyed.
    # Drive too slow, backwards, or pulls over the car on the rail
    # Get off from the car.
    # Runs off the railway.

[Shortcut R] Sky Boost Rank 1~3 (Cast Time: Instant, 2 sec Cooldown)
Can be used only within 2.5 sec after passing through the electric orbs.
Causes Sky Racer to burst forward.
- 0 - 9 orbs: Sky Boost: Rank 1
- 10 - 19 orbs: Sky Boost: Rank 1
- 20 orbs: Sky Boost: Rank 3
[Shortcut T] Spin-Jump (Cast Time: Instant, 5 sec Cooldown)
Momentarily launches Sky Racer into the air.
Use Sky Boost first at the far end of the rail before the Spin-Jump to maximize the effect.
Using Spin-Jump in the middle of the railway might lead the vehicle to fall.
[Shortcut Y] Shockwave (Cast Time: Instant, 5 sec Cooldown)
Push away players and pets around the vehicle
Rewards per landing point
Image Item Name Fall Point Remark
Sky Race Reward: Rank 3 At the Bullseye Received 12 Sky Race Coins when used.
Sky Race Reward: Rank 2 Inner Ring Received 8 Sky Race Coins when used.
Sky Race Reward: Rank 1 Outer Ring Received 6 Sky Race Coins when used. 

Sky Race Gift Exchanger
Exchange your SKy Race Coins with various rewards below:
Image Item Name Sky Race Coins Required Remark
Small Inflatable Pool 200 Bind on Pickup
Serendipity Stone 80 Bind on Pickup
Decrystallization Scroll 15 Bind on Pickup
Bound Labor Recharger 12 Bind on Pickup
Adventurer’s Winged Elixir 10 Bind on Pickup
Manastorm Crystal x5 7 Bind on Pickup
Honorforged Medal 5 Bind on Pickup
 Radiant Hiram Awakening Scroll x5

 5 Bind on Pickup 
Hiram Awakening Scroll x10   5  Bind on Pickup
 Luna Charm Rank 1  Bind on Pickup
Radiant Infusion Supply Kit x5

 5 Bind on Pickup
 Improved Infusion Supply Kit x10  5  Bind on Pickup
Accomplish Hidden Goals and receive the rewards:
Achievement Rewards Achievement
Wants to Go Fast Title: Wants to Go Fast
Sky Race Reward: Rank 3 Title: It's-A Me

It's-A Me (Seal)
Sky Jumper Title: Sky Jumper
Sky Racer Title: Sky Racer

Sky Racer Trophy

1. Requires Lvl 30+
2. All event daily quests reset at 24:00 (UTC +8) daily.
3. NPC Engineer Torry will disappear after the June 17, 2021 maintenance.
4. Sky Race Rewards, Sky Race Coins, Sky Race key, and Sky Race Gift Exchanger will disappear after the June 24, 2021 maintenance.
5. Abandoning the [Mirage Sky Race] quest will destroy the landing reward. 
6. Characters will be automatically returned and summons will be dead on the rail.
7. All event items cannot be recovered.