Patch Note June 3, 2021Update

2021-06-02 20:30
Hello, Heroes of Erenor! 
Please read the details of the patch notes on June 3, 2021 below.


Into the Sky! event will be held from 6/3 to 6/17

[Cash Shop]

Added the exclusive product for ArcheLife that can be purchased with XL Cash.
- Black Fledgling Phoenix (~06.17 until the maintenance) (Link)
- Wrapped Daru’s Mission: Great Worker (28 days) (~07.01 until the maintenance)
※ When using the ArcheLife, they can be purchased from Cash Shop > Coin Only > Lulu's goods
Added the Monthly Special Pack(June)
- Manastorm Crystal (x100)
- Wrapped 28-Day Radiant Hiram Infusion (available in Gene server)
- 28-Day Hiram and Radiant Hiram Awakening Scroll (available in Gene server)
- Lulu’s duty: ArchePass EXP scroll (28 days)
※ The Monthly Special Product has a limit to its purchase count once a month, per account. The count resets at every first scheduled maintenance of each month.
※ Quest Scroll items are fixed-term items that allow you to get daily quests and get certain daily rewards. (can proceed quest every day for 28 days)
※ You must meet the level requirement to use the item.

[Bug Fix]

Fixed a cross-server settings error and the instances below will be changed to cross-server.
- Red Dragon's Keep
- The Fall of Hiram City
- Kadum
Fixed an error that able to complete the ArchePass missions additionally after completing all possible counts.
Corrected a typo in the tooltip of Female Nuian Mannequin.
Fixed an error that the subject of returning player benefit did not have an icon to receive Homecoming Warrior Key.