[Announcement] Restoration regarding the Service Transfer Compensation MailNotice

2021-06-09 18:00
Hello, this is ArcheAge.
First of all, I would like to thank all players for transferring to the Asian region service after service termination of playwith and enjoying the game.
Currently, some players are continuously submitting tickets regarding the restoration request of service transfer compensation mail that was deleted due to the expiration of the storage duration.
We were giving help with restoration when we receive a ticket regarding this matter. However, we confirmed that some players are not aware of this. Therefore, we will restore all mails related to the service transfer to take care of those who have completed the transfer and have not yet transferred.
※ Players who have already got help with restoration after submitting a ticket are not subject to restoration.
Restored mails are stored for 1 year, and they will be automatically deleted by the system when the storage duration expires.
We recommend you to receive items from mails after transfer since the transfer compensation mails deleted due to expiration of the storage duration after this restoration are not subject to restoration.
Please be informed that mails will be restored after June 10th maintenance.
We look forward to your continuous support in ArcheAge.
Thank you.