Patch Note June 10, 2021Update

2021-06-09 20:30
Hello, Heroes of Erenor! 
Please read the details of the patch notes on June 10, 2021 below.


From 6/10 to 7/1, the Burning Event that doubles the EXP, Vocation Badges, and Honor Points earned from quests will be held.
The Summer With Arche! Event has started.
From 6/10 before the maintenance to 7/1 after the maintenance, the Jake's Arche Luckance Event will be held.
Added the Fence and Wall that can be purchased from Mirage Isle.
Added the tooltip regarding the available number of ArchePass registrations at the same time in the ArchePass Register/Change window.

[Cash Shop]

Added the new event discount products that can be purchased with XL Cash. (~6.17 until the maintenance)
- Noble's Beach Garments (Link)
- Lotus Magithopter (Link)
- Cabana Furniture Bundle (Link)
- Wrapped Tidebreaker Tortoise (Link)
※ To celebrate the One Year Anniversary, they are discounted by 33% for 1 week. 
※ Can be purchased from Cash Shop > Main > Special

[Bug Fix]

Fixed an error that unable to complete the 'Awaken Radiant Explorer's Equipment' quest by awakening to Brilliant Explorer's Bow.
Changed a reward of 'Replacing a Lunagem' quest.
Fixed an error that unable to stack a trade pack on Strada by using right-click