[Event] Treasure HunterEvent

2021-06-24 11:00

Treasure Hunter Event

Event Duration
After June 24, 2021 Maintenance - Before July 8, 2021 Maintenance

 Who can Participate
Players from all Servers

 Event Details
1) Login to receive ‘Daru Treasure Key’. 
    (Mailed to the first logged in character daily.)
2) Accept 'Daru Treasure Hunter' quest from 'NPC Treasure Collector Golo' in Mirage Isle.
3) Find and open x1 ‘Daru Treasure Chest’ hidden throughout Mirage Isle!! 
    (Required Lv +50, ‘Daru Treasure Key' and 50 Labor to open the Chest)
4) Talk to ‘NPC Treasure Collector Golo’ and receive the rewards.
 Bonus for ArcheLife player
Receive x1 ‘Daru Treasure Key’ via email for every 1 hour of game playing! (Up to 5)

 Event Rewards
- Rewards from ‘Daru Treasure Hunter’ daily quest:

Image Item Name
ArchePass XP Boost
(+1,000 ArchePass XP)
- Rewards available from Daru Treasure Chest 
 (Bind on pickup except Captain's Leathers / Basic Reward + one Additional Reward at random with odds):
Type Image Item Name Amount
Basic Reward Manastorm Crystal 2
Additional Reward Angel Wing Elixir 1
Fruit of Effort 1 or 10
ArcheBlessing: 3 Days 1
Farmhand Fruit 1
Honorable Victory Rank 5 1
Honorable Vocation Potion Rank 5 1
 Manastorm Crystal
Bound Worn Costume 1
Honorable Victory Rank 3 1
Honorable Vocation Potion Rank 3
Radiant Hiram Awakening Scroll 25
Decrystallization Scroll 1
Wrapped Image Item: Captain's Leathers 1
Bound Serendipity Stone 1
Pouch of Prosperity 1
Honorable Potion Crate: Rank 1 1
Bound Labor Recharger 10
 Event Achievement
The more 'Daru Treasure Chest' you find, the closer you are to the achievement!
Achievement Reward 
Treasure Hunter Title: Treasure Hunter

Manastorm Crystal x50

1. Requires Lvl 50+
2. 'Daru Treasure Key' will be sent to the mailbox of the character which you log in
3. All event daily quests reset at 24:00 (UTC +8) daily.
4. ‘Daru Treasure Key' will be mailed daily at 06:00 (UTC +8).
5. 'NPC Treasure Collector Golo', 'Daru Treasure Chest', and 'Daru Treasure Key' will disappear after the July 8 Maintenance (Thursday).
6. All event items cannot be recovered.