ArcheLife Package Guide(Edited 02/04)Notice

2020-06-11 15:02

Hello, Heroes of Erenor!

One way to make your life in ArcheAge better, ArcheLife!

Don’t you want to enjoy ArcheAge 100 and more times better?

Check it up now and go get your ArcheLife!

What is ArcheLife?

ArcheLife is the premium service you can enjoy while playing ArcheAge.

How do I get it?

Purchase it at In-Game Premium Shop > Check Cash Shop Mail (Shift + B) > Move to Bag and check ArcheLife

Product  Amount (XL Cash)   Terms of Sale 
 ArcheLife 30 Days  9,900 Regular Sale
ArcheLife 90 Days 25,000 Regular Sale

※ Limited-time sales ArcheLife promotions are sold for a limited time during the event,and may be resold as ArcheLife promotions in the future.

What is good to own ArcheLife?

 1. Account Privilege: Special Privileges are given to all characters in the account!

※ Please refer to In-Game menu [Premium > Benefits] for more details

※ ArcheLife privileges are subject to change

2. Bonus Privilege: Loyalty Tokens are given daily / monthly!
l  20 Loyalty Tokens are given once per account / day when logging in.
198 Loyalty Tokens are given on ArcheLife expiration date and you can check and use them at the menu [Coupon Box > Usable Coupon].

※ Loyalty Token is the bonus privilege provided when purchasing ArcheLife and it can be exchanged with a variety of items at Cash Shop

※ The exchangeable items with Loyalty Token are subject to change

3. Grade Privilege: The higher grade of ArcheLife is, the more privileges you can have!
※ Grade Privileges and Points are subject to change

l Privilege per Grade (Edited 02/04)

l  Unused product / service is refundable within 7 days of purchase
l  The terms used above might be different from those in-game
l  NON refundable once a product is moved to Bag from Cash Shop Mail since it is regarded as used
l  Loyalty Token is NOT taken or counted when refunding ArcheLife 
l  Loyalty Token is given on the changed expiration date in case it is changed due to some reasons such as banning, etc.
l  Loyalty Token is NOT restored in case of loss due to carelessness
l  Refund is available at the menu [Game Product Purchase History > Purchase History]
l  The refund amount of XL Cash is decided depending on refund formula per product in case of refunding a product with remaining service life
l  Cancellation of recharge(reload) is available at menu [XL CASH > Cancel Recharge(Reload)]
l  Please contact GM(Customer Support) if you have any questions related to item purchase