[Announcement] Nui, Tahyang, and Gene Server Special Thanks EventNotice

2021-07-09 17:00
Hello, this is ArcheAge.
For those who constantly plays the ArcheAge,
we prepared Special Event as below on Nui, Tahyang and Gene Server.
- Target Server : Nui, Tahyang, and Gene
- Event Period : July 15th ~ August 12th (4 weeks)
- Details :
  1) The Burning Event that doubles the EXP, Honor Points(including quest) Vocation Badge, and Drop Rate
  2) Log in a certain amount of days every week during the event period to receive a reward coupon.
Period Logged in Days
Each Week
1st Week
5 or more 30-Day Trial Chest
2nd Week
5 or more 30-Day Trial Chest
3rd Week
5 or more 30-Day Trial Chest
4th Week
5 or more 30-Day Trial Chest
# 30-Day Trial Chest : Choose one of the Sky Emperor/Andelph Drakora/Ellam/Scroll: Strada (can be used for 30 days)
> Be aware when obtaining the reward as the effect of Burning Event may not be applied normally from 23:58 to 00:02(UTC+8) every day.
> Daily Login count resets every 00:00(UTC+8), and players need to re-connect every day for their participation record to be recognized.
> Event reward is delivered every Thursday within 18:00(UTC+8) via Coupon Box on website.
> Please choose your reward carefully because choosing the wrong reward won't be restored.
We would like to thank you for all your love and support toward ArcheAge,
and we will put our full effort into bring you better service.
Thank you.