[Event] Yateo and Greeniette's Crossroads of LoveEvent

2021-08-05 11:00

Yateo and Greeniette’s Crossroads of Love Event

 Event Period and Location
- Period: After August 5, 2021 Maintenance - Before August 19, 2021 Maintenance.
- Location: Shore in Mirage Isle
- Worldgate: The Worldgate to the event area can be found at Mirage Isle.

 Who can participate?
Players from all servers

 Event Details
1. NPC Yateo, Greeniette, and Paddleboat Workbench will appear at the shore of Mirage Isle during the event period.
2. Accept the daily quests from both NPC and get the rewards.

Quest List:

Quest Name Quest Objectives Quest Rewards
[Event] Yateo’s Gift of Gratitude
-Yateo and Greeniette found out they both had feelings for each other.
-Talk to Yateo to obtain his gift of gratitude
Yateo’s Candy x1

Greater ArchePass XP Boost x1

[Event] Crossroads of Love
-Yateo asks for help to get him across the sea.
-Use 10 Lumbers to craft Winged Love Paddleboat at Paddleboat Workbench
Manastorm Crystal x5'

Honorable Potion Crate: Rank 5 x1

#  <Crossroads of Love> Quest is eligible after <Yateo’s Gift of Gratitude> Quest is completed.
# ‘Yato’s Candy’ regenerates 5 Labor every 5 minutes and increases XP gain +10%.

Accomplish Hidden Goals and receive the achievement:
Achievement Acheivement Rewards
Love’s Escape ArchePass XP Boost x7

ArcheBlessing: 15 Days

1. Requires Lvl 30+
2. All daily quest events reset at 24:00 (UTC +8) daily.
3. NPC Yateo, NPC Greeniette, Paddleboat Workbench, Winged Love Paddleboat, and Worldgate: Yateo and Greeniette’s Crossroads of Love in Mirage Isle will disappear on August 19, 2021 after maintenance.
4. Yateo’s Candy will disappear on August 26, 2021 after maintenance.
5. All event items cannot be recovered.