[Event] The Daru FestivalEvent

2021-10-07 11:00

The Daru Festival

 Event Period
After October 7, 2021 Maintenance - Before October 21, 2021 Maintenance
♣ Event Details

Daru, who worship Iphnya as god, live in Ahnimar to protect Ipnysh’s seal that binds Akasch.
One day, a god with wings appeared in Daru priest Agaruru’s dream and tasked him with finding an apostle who inherits the power of Iphnya. Even no one can say whether this dream was a divine message or not, every Daru believe that it was. Hence Daru tried to find the apostle for hundreds of years secretly but failed.
Now Daru priests decided to hold a festival to invite people over. They believe they can recognize the apostle if he visits the festival. 

♣ Basic Information
- This event can be participated in during the Daru Festival.

Festival Area

Ahnimar is a peace zone.
- Worldgates can be used to visit the festival site.
  > The worldgates are located in Marianople, Austera's Headquarters, and Diamond Shores.

♣ Quest Progress Information
1. The Daru Festival

- Accept quest ‘The Daru Festival’ from NPC Tarini
- Talk to NPC Eggwarden Dolbu to complete the quest automatically.

2. Pressganged Parenthood (Daily Quest)

NPC Quest: 
Eggwarden Dolbu
“We Daru is only layings our eggs once a year. So we has LOTS of eggs to take care of when it happens. So every year, we rewards friends of Daru who comes and helps us look after them. Is like… big happy families, yes? We is all Daru durings the festival! Here, you takes this. I tells you how to cares for it, so you can earns coins for Daru prizes!”

- Talk to Eggwarden Dolbu and Receive Daru Egg Cradle.

Image Name
Daru Egg Cradle
(Expired on October 21, 2021)

3. Daru Daycare (Daily Quest)

NPC Quest: Eggwarden Dolbu
"Daru Eggs is special--they can't talks like we cans, but they shares feelings with whoever stands near them!"

- Please take good care of the Daru Egg Cradle.

  • Put the Daru Egg Cradle in an incubator to keep it moist.
  • Place the Moist Daru Egg on a Lilypad Hatchery.
  • Care for the Moist Daru Egg on a Lilypad Hatchery.
  • The Hatching Daru Egg can be obtained after 10 minutes.
※ The Egg disappears if left unattended for more than 10 hours.

▲ You can provide shade, read a book, or play music for the egg.

- 1 dari 5 Daru Egg below will be generated upon picking up the Hatching Daru Egg.
Image Name
Trade Outlet Daru Egg
 Salesman Daru Egg
 Residency Daru Egg
 Captain Daru Egg
 The Strangest Astra

Image Name
Festival Coin x1 (Bound when acquired)
 Daru Festival Chest x1 (Bound when acquired)
(Expires on October 21, 2021)
 Radiant Infusion Supply Kit x3 (Bound when acquired)

4. The Strangest Astra / Daru Trader Egg / Ahnimar Resident Egg (Daily Quest)

NPC Quest: Eggwarden Dolbu
- The quest can be received and completed according to the type of Hatching Daru Egg.

Quests and Rewards
Type of Egg Quest Reward Name
Residency Daru Egg
Salesman Daru Egg
Ahnimar Resident Egg Festival Coin x1 (Bound when acquired)
Trade Outlet Daru Egg
Captain Daru Egg
Daru Trader Egg Festival Coin x2 (Bound when acquired)
Astra-Blessed Daru Egg Astra-Blessed Daru Egg Festival Coin x3 (Bound when acquired)

5. The Daru Treasure (3 times per day)

NPC Quest: Ian

“You here seeking the Daru treasure too? All these Daru, selling their inventions to every noble on three continents--they've gotta be rich as kings by now! And if my sources are right, some of that wealth is buried right here in Ahnimar. They say the treasure is under a rainbow that only shows up during the festival. So if you see the rainbow appear, dig as fast as you can! The treasure won't last long once it's uncovered!”

Ian and the Ahnimar Rainbow appear at 2 pm, 7 pm, and 12 am UTC +8. (The hilltop of Lotus Song Garden in the center of Ahnimar)
- Sand piles can be found in front of Ian and where the rainbow ends. 

▲ Brown sand piles can be found near Ian.

- Dig the ground to find a treasure around where the rainbow ends.

▲ Digging the ground does not require Labor.

- It is buried deep in the sand piles. Dig the ground with your friends.
- Dig up a treasure chest, see what’s inside, and it’s done!

Image Name
Festival Coins x3 (Bound when acquired)

6. Ahnimar Eggsnatchers
 (Daily Quest)

NPC Quest: 

"There are too many Skyfins at the festivals. They always swarms at this time of year, because they wants to eats our eggses!   I makes a Skyfin Sedative, but I is too scared to gives it to them myself. But you is big and braves, yes? You could be doings it, maybe? Just walks up the path and gives the Skyfins this sedatives. It will makes them all loopy and dizziness, so they won't be able to eats our eggses. In exchange, I gives you coins for helping me, yes? Is good deal! You goes now, and tries not to get eaten.”

- Use the Skyfin Sedative to sedate Hungry Skyfins in Lotus Song Garden.
- Sedate 3 Hungry Skyfins and return to Aguru.

▲ Use Garden Stone to climb the hill quickly.

Image Name
Festival Coins x1 (Bound when acquired)

7. Judge of character

NPC Quest: Aliniri
- Prepare 100 Stone Bricks
- Accept the quest from Aliniri
- Give Aliniri 100 Stone Bricks to complete the quest

Image Name
Festival Coins x5 (Bound when acquired)

1. The event daily quests reset at 24:00 (UTC +8) daily.
2. All festival NPCs and festival quest items disappear after the scheduled maintenance at the end of the festival.
3. Items obtained from the festival cannot be recovered when destroyed.
4. Demolition of the building with the furniture received as a reward in it will destroy the furniture.

5. Festival Gift Exchanger will disappear from the festival area after the festival ends but the one in Mirage Isle will remain.
6. All festival quests require level 10 or higher.