[Event] Holy Dance KingEvent

2021-10-07 11:00

Holy Dance King

 Event Summary
- Date: After October 7, 2021 Maintenance - Before October 21, 2021 Maintenance
- Time: Event NPC appears every 3 hours and the event begins in 1 min (30min)
- Participant: +50 Lvl Players from all servers
- Location: Mirage Isle Square

 Video Guide
 How to Participate
1. Talk to NPC Jackson's rival, Elvis and receive Jackson's cotton gloves x1(Repeatable)
2. Wear the gloves and Imitate Jackson’s Dance +50 times to obtain Elvis' puzzling gift ticket x1(Repeatable)
3. Defeat the 'Jackson the dance emperor' by imitating his dance and obtain Elvis' puzzling gift x1 and Greater ArchePass XP Boost x1 (Daily)

Quest List
Quest Name Quest Objectives Quest Rewards

Elvis' suggestion
(Repeatable Quest)

Talk to 'Jackson's rival, Elvis'
Jackson's cotton gloves x1
(Expires in 60 minutes after acquisition)
Jackson, you're no match for me
(Repeatable Quest)
Imitate Jackson's Dance 50+ Times
Elvis' puzzling gift ticket x1
Defeat Jackson, the dance emperor!
(Daily Quest)
- Conquer Jackson the dance emperor with your dance
Elvis' puzzling gift x1

Greater ArchePass XP Boost x1
- When the event starts, use the icon skill that matches with the icon displayed above the NPC 'Jackson the dance emperor' head while he dances.
- New moves will be added for each 20% less health.
Health Details
100% ~ 80% Performing 3 emotes (Gotta Get Down, Yata Dance, Greenman Dance)
80% ~ 60% Performing 4 emotes (Gotta Get Down, Yata Dance, Greenman Dance, Jive)
60% ~ 40% Performing 5 emotes (Gotta Get Down, Doing Yata Dance, Performing a Greenman Dance, Jive, Mambo)
40% ~ 20% Performing 6 emotes (Gotta Get Down, Yata Dance, Greenman Dance, Jive, Mambo, Robot)
20% ~ 0% Performing 8 emotes (Gotta Get Down, Yata Dance, Greenman Dance, Jive, Mambo, Robot, Tipsy, Wiggle)

 Elvis’s Gift Loots (Random)
- x4 Elvis' puzzling gift ticket from the repeatable quest can be crafted to x1 Elvis' puzzling gift.
- Use 200 labor to open Elvis' puzzling gift and get one of the following (Expires after October 28 maintenance).
Image Item Name Quantity Remarks
Radiant Infusion Supply Kit 5 Bound on Pickup
Honorable Potion Crate: Rank 5 1
Farmhand Fruit 1
Luna Charm Rank 1 1
Honorforged Medal 1
Decrystallization Scroll 1
ArcheBlessing: 3 Days 1
Manastorm Crystal 5
Bound Worn Costume 1
Demigod Essence 1
Bound Serendipity Stone 1
Dance: Charming Dance 1 Tradeable
Dance: Elegant Dance 1
Bound Lucent Serendipity Stone 1 Bound on Pickup
Accomplish Hidden Goals and receive the achievement:
Achievement Achievement Rewards
Holy dance king (1) Title: Been around the block (Normal)
Holy dance king (2) Title: Quite a dancer (Advanced)

Greater ArchePass XP Boost x10
Holy dance king (1~3) Elvis's Box

Title: Holy dance king (Rare)

♣ Note
1. Requires Lvl. 50+.
2. All daily quest events reset at 24:00 (UTC +8) daily.
3. Jackson’s cotton gloves disappear in 60 min
4. NPC 'Jackson the dance emperor' and dance and 'Jackson's rival, Elvis' at Mirage Isle will disappear after October 21, 2021 maintenance.
5. 'Elvis' puzzling gift ticket' and 'Elvis' puzzling gift' will disappear after October 28, 2021 maintenance.
6. Please note that summons will be killed if summoned during the dance battle.
7. All event items cannot be recovered.