Patch Note October 7, 2021 (part 1)Update

2021-10-06 20:30
Hello, Heroes of Erenor! 
Please read the details of the patch notes on October 7, 2021 below.

[Guild Improvement]
Removed the guild buff per level.
  ● As a result, the maximum number of players that can be summoned with Guild Flare has been fixed to 10.
  ● Changed the "Enhance Buff Effect", which is provided from certain content, to be no longer available.

Improved the guild buff
  ● Guild leader can activate the guild buff by using the guild prestige.
  ● Activated guild buff remains unless the guild is disbanded.
  ● There are different buffs that can be activated per guild level.
  ● Some guild buffs can be activated by using guild items or require guild buildings that are planned to be added in the future.
  ● On the guild recruit/search category, you can confirm the buffs of the guild which is recruiting guild members.
Improved the guild missions.
  ● Guild missions are divided into a personal mission and a group mission.
     o Personal Mission
       ▪ It resets every 00:00 AM, and it can be progressed by an individual guild member. (same form as before)
     o Group Mission
       ▪ It resets every Monday 00:00 AM, and it can be progressed with the guild members.
  ● Added the guild mission replacement feature.
     o Personal Mission Replacement
       ▪ The personal missions can be replaced up to 3 times per day for free.
     o Group Mission Replacement
       ▪ Only guild general can replace the group mission, and it costs guild prestige.
       ▪ The price varies depending on the number of guild members.
           ▪ 1 ~ 19 people: 30
           ▪ 20 ~ 29 people: 40
           ▪ 30 ~ 39 people: 50
           ▪ 40 ~ 49 people: 60
           ▪ 50~ people: 70
  ● Changed the guild XP and prestige not to be acquired from quest reward except the guild missions.
  ● Blue Salt Request is no longer available.
  ● Changed that the guild mission can be progressed in the Garden.
     o Confirming the guild mission progression and details are not available.
  ● Changed the acquirable amount of daily XP and prestige according to the guild level.
     o XP and prestige acquired from the group missions are not included in the daily limit.
Guild Level Daily Acquirable XP Daily Acquirable Prestige
1 3600 1500
2 4200 1750
3 6400 2400
4 7200 2700
5 10000 3500
6 12000 4000
7 14000 4500
8 0 4500
  ● Improved the information displayed in Community > Guild > Members.
     o Added the category of guild members' total prestige and weekly prestige.
       ▪ Total Prestige
           ▪ Guild member's prestige acquired after registering guild.
       ▪ Weekly Prestige
           ▪ Guild member's prestige acquired in that week (resets every Monday 00:00 AM)
       ▪ Prestige acquired from group missions is not included in guild member's total/weekly prestige.
       ▪ Prestige acquired more than the daily limit and not accumulated is included in total prestige and weekly prestige.
     o Simplified some features.
       ▪ Changed the guild member's location information not to be displayed.
       ▪ Changed the guild member's position information to be displayed on the left side of the character name.
           ▪ Party status is displayed on the right side of the character name.

Improved the guild prestige.
  ● Personal prestige will disappear, and it will be reorganized into guild prestige.
     o An acquired personal prestige will be transferred to an honor point. And future prestige will be accumulated and used as guild prestige.
  ● Added the purchase limit depending on the guild position when using the prestige shop.
     o Available position for purchasing product is marked, and unable to purchase and use the items if the player is under the available position.
     o Due to this reason, all guild members' positions except the guild leader will be changed into Apprentice after this update.
  ● Improved the products of prestige shop.
     o It is organized only with guild-related products, and all other products are transferred to Honor Point Shop.
       ▪ List of Products Transferred to Honor Point Shop and Price.
Product Name Honor Point Cost
Pinion Portal: Halcyona 300
Pinion Portal: Hasla 300
Pinion Portal: Diamond Shores 400
Epherium Windsong Cloak 20000
Epherium Twintail Cloak 20000
Epherium Bastion Cloak 20000
Epherium Arrowflash Cloak 20000
Epherium Hatchetblade Cloak 20000
Mirror of Boundaries 1200
Blood Archeum Crystal 3000
Pioneer Earrings 240000
       ▪ Products & Price in Prestige Shop
Product Name Prestige Cost
Peace Treaty 80
Guild Flare 200
  ● Previously purchased Peace Treaty and Guild Flare items will be discontinued at the same time as the name is changed.
     o When using the discontinued item, it is converted into an Honor Point and earned.
       ▪ Peace Treaty → Old Peace Treaty
       ▪ Guild Flare → Run down Guild Flare

Provided the prestige as follows depending on the guild level.
Guild Level Prestige Provision
2 2,000
3 5,000
4 15,000
5 35,000
6 72,000
7 150,000
8 250,000

Other changes related to the guild are as follows.
  ● Changed that honor points can be obtained when using items that provide discontinued prestige
  ● Changed that guild XP is no longer obtainable when gathering the Experia Patches

Improved the Guild History.
  ● Added the history feature of the management & shop category, including previous combat history.
    o Management History: History of prestige spent and details such as guild buff purchase and others.
    o Shop History: History of prestige spent from Prestige Shop.
    o Combat History: History of guild combat.
  ● If the guild leader is offline for a long time, the next guild leader will be elected and automatically replace the leader's position to maintain and manage the guild.
    o Search the candidate for the next guild leader if the guild leader is offline for 30 days.
    o Candidates for the next guild leader will be elected for guild members with 1,000 or more total prestige and less than 7 days of the last connection date.
    o If two or more guild members meet the requirement above, the guild member who has a higher position or more total prestige will be the next leader.
    o The player will receive a notification mail if the player becomes the next leader or is dismissed from the leader position.
    o Check more details about the Automatic delegation of General from the guild guide.

  ● Vitalism
    o Healing Circle: Wave
       ▪ Changed it to be removed immediately when PVE damage is received.
  ● Gunslinger
    o Collateral Damage
       ▪ Modified that the Risopoda, Wyvern, Red Dragon, Green Dragon, and Black Dragon only receive basic damage.
    o Collateral Damage: Earthquake
       ▪ Modified that the Risopoda, Wyvern, Red Dragon, Green Dragon, and Black Dragon only receive basic damage.
    o Splinter Shell: Flame
       ▪ Modified that the Risopoda, Wyvern, Red Dragon, Green Dragon, and Black Dragon only receive basic damage.
    o Corrected the tooltip of some skills.

[Stat Migration]
Removed the icon displayed on the stat change status when applying the Migration Pendant.

Changed the design of Migration Pendant.

[Faction Honor Battlefield - Skyfin Nest]
Revised the Golden Plains Battle to Faction Honor Battlefield.
  ● When entering the 'Faction Honor Battlefield', the venue of the Faction Honor Battlefield will be randomly chosen between 'Skyfin Nest' and 'Halcyona'.
  ● Regardless of the area, the rules of progress are the same as those used in the "Golden Plains Battle". 

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