Patch Note October 7, 2021 (part 2)Update

2021-10-06 20:30
Hello Heroes of Erenor!
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[Auroria Purification]

Added the Auroria Purification.
  ● "Auroria Purification" is available in the Resource Flag area of each territory.
  ● Hero from the faction that owns territory can use "Prosperous Pack" to activate it.
  ● "Prosperous Pack" loses its effect for 7 days after activation.
  ● After activation, activated faction's mining drill & purifier repairman will appear.
    o A mining drill can be activated using the labor point, and you can earn territory contribution when activated.
    o A mining drill can be activated once per hour.
    o Activated mining drill processes the resource purification for up to an hour and stacks the territory income for 600 gold if it successfully activated for an hour.
    o Polluted Water purifier repair tool can be acquired from the purifier repairman, and it can be used to repair the mining drill.
  ● The enemy faction can earn additional income by destroying the mining drill.
    o A purifier's value is increased according to the number of polluted water purification.
    o "purified water" trade-pack is created when purifier is destroyed.
    o You can sell this trade-pack at Relic Merchant or deliver it to the destroyed territory area. 
       ▪ You can earn a great amount of gold by selling the trade-pack at Relic Merchant.
       ▪ You can earn the gold and stacks the territory income by delivering the trade-pack to the territory area.
    o A player with the same faction where trade-pack created can't acquire that trade-pack but destroy it.

Added the Collector of purified water at Territory Workshop and Advanced Territory Workshop.

Changed the properties of "Greenscale Blademage" monster from Ipnya Ridge
Changed that now players can spawn in each faction's two spawn points in Ipnya Ridge during the In Conflict/At War state and peace state.
Changed that only the hero of faction can activate the Risopoda that waiting for the command to spawn the Nehliya.
Increased the Abyssal Paralysis damage received by the faction that lost the faction competition in the Nehliya raid.
And reduced the Peace period from 10 minutes to 5 minutes.
Expanded the area in front of Glitterstone Specialty Workbench for convenience of specialty crafting & delivery.
Added the additional miniature that can be used to purchase Workbench designs in Mirage Isle.
Changed that the Rotten Specialty Merchant NPC to spawn in fixed location.
- The spawn area of Rotten Specialty Merchant NPC's is the same as before, and they appear in fixed locations without wandering near the community center in that area.
- Changed the name of Rotten Specialty Merchant to 'Collector of cleaning sack'.
Improved the situation that the eastside players were attacked by the guards when teleporting to the village, by changing the position of guards in the West Peace Area(White Arden, Dewstone Halcyona, Two Crowns).
Removed the Medium Warship Sample in Ezna and Austera Port and placed it in Mirage Isle.

Improved the phrase of Wrapped Dye Ticket item and Dye Ticket.
Changed that the same grade of 'Honorable Potion Crate' item can be opened collectively.
Changed the maximum stack size of some Infusions from 100 to 1000.
Unidentified Hiram Infusion
Mysterious Hiram Infusion
Radiant Hiram Infusion
Changed the restoration efficiency of Labor Recharger as follows.
Number of Use Restoration Rate Restoration Amount
1 125% 1,000
2 121% 975
3 118% 951
4 115% 927
5 112% 904
6 110% 881
7 98% 784
8 85% 680
9 73% 589
10 63% 511
11 62% 500
12 ... ...

Changed that the players can choose the quantity of item when using the 'Temper Crate'.
Improved the explanation of consumption part of 'Combat Resource: Bloodthirst'

Changed the effect of Honor's Ferocious Axe, Honor's Mighty Ferocious Axe and Honorable Ferocity Axe as follows.
  ● Honor's Ferocious Axe
  ● Charged Bloodthirst: 1~2 → 2
  ● Honor's Mighty Ferocious Axe
  ● Charged Bloodthirst: 2~3 → 3
  ● Honorable Ferocity Axe
  ● Charged Bloodthirst: 3~4 → 4
Added the list of transformable pets in 'Pet Leash'.
Changed that all the additional effects of the sails applied when two sails of the same kind are equipped.
- Eznan Zephyr Square Sail & Growling Zephyr Square Sail

[Ipnysh Artifacts]
Changed that the warning window appears if material XP is higher than required XP when upgrading the slot.

Improved that the fixed Battle Pets also be invisible when a player becomes invisible.
  ● Conker's Cube
  ● Dreamwinder
  ● Pygmy Fiend
  ● Little Witch
  ● Chadwick the Bold
  ● Gunslinger Moo

Changed that the Siege Risopoda will be destroyed when entering the siege area without Siege Risopoda permission.

[Pets - Giant Pet]
  ● Wyvern
    o Changed the effect of Tempest Wings.
       ▪ Before
           ▪ Increases Flying Speed +50% for 10 sec. Can only be used while flying
           ▪ 10 sec Cooldown
       ▪ After
           ▪ The flight speed of Golden Wyvern and friendly faction within 20m radius is increased by 30% for 10 sec. Only available while gliding.
             ▪ It does not stack with other gliding buffs, and an upper effect is applied when the better buff is applied.
           ▪ 20 sec Cooldown
    o Increased the Volcanic Breath Damage.
  ● Siege Risopoda
    o Changed the effect of Shoot Acid Damage.
       ▪ Before
           ▪ Deals the siege damage when 6 projectiles hit the designated location.
       ▪ After
           ▪ Weaken the enemies when projectiles hit the designated locations. The effect lasts for 4.5 sec and deals the siege damage every 1.5 sec. Increases received damage 5% for every stack. Maximum 5 stacks.
           ▪ Weaken debuff is not applied to the strong monsters.
    o Decreased the damage of Guided Missiles.
    o Increased the amount of mines of Summon Mines skill.
       ▪ Before : Summon 4 mines in a random location within 15m.
       ▪ After : Summon 9 mines in a random location within 20m.

[Pets - Dragons]
  ● Basic
    o Increased the physical defense, magic defense, and health.
  ● Basic Skills
    o Changed the effect of Tempest Wings.
    o Before
       ▪ Increases Flying Speed +50% for 10 sec. Can only be used while flying
       ▪ 10 sec Cooldown
    o After
       ▪ The flight speed of Golden Wyvern and friendly faction within 20m radius is increased by 40% for 10 sec. Only available while gliding.
         ▪ It does not stack with other gliding buffs, and an upper effect is applied when the better buff is applied.
       ▪ 20 sec Cooldown
    o Increased the received damage reduction value when using the Wing Gale.
    o Increased the Breath damage of Red Dragon, Black Dragon, and Green Dragon.


Adjusted the level requirement of quest that interrupts the growth path to level 50.
Modified the unclear path to be located easier while progressing the 'Traveling on Business' quest.
Modified the place where the flute can be used to be found easier while progressing the 'A Secret Meeting' quest.
Modified the 'Akasch Invasion' quest can be completed even if the Akasch Invasion ends as a draw.
Modified the warning phrase and expanded the number of available daily and weekly quests.
Changed the number of Star Wings rewarded at the completion of Blue Salt Request: Textiles to 5.
Revised the clumsy context of 'Animal Control' quest.
Changed the completion reporting method of the ‘Millennium Mammoths’ & ‘Black Forest Treants’ quest as automatic.

[Manastorm Shop]

Added the purchasable items in Manastorm Shop.


Improved the uproot skill.
  ● Cast Time 5s -> 1.5s
  ● Labor Point Consumption 10 -> 3
  ● No longer leave Footprints

[Cross-Server Chat(Beta) & Chat Improvement]

Added the cross-server chat feature that allows players to chat with other server players.
  ● It is only available while using ArcheLife.
  ● It can be used by '/Cross-Server' command
  ● Settings is available from 'Chat Tab Settings > Talk > Cross-Server'.
Improved the setting categories of the chat tab.
  ● Chat Tab Settings > [Talk] : Changed that the only language the players can enter can be set.
  ● Chat Tab Settings > [Alert] : Can set the system message such as notice, system, quest info, etc. and connection alerts such as a friend, family, and guild.
  ● Chat Tab Settings > [Combat] : Changed the phrase of some settings and added the text over tooltip of the 'Environmental Damage' setting.
Changed the font color when typing the other faction's language to improve the perception of the language being used.
  ● When typing the other faction's language, the font is red regardless of configured chat option.
  ● After entering the other faction's language, it is displayed in the same color as the previously configured general chat.
  ● It is configurable from 'Chat Tab Settings > Talk > Official language of other continent'.
The timestamp will be available in the chat window.
  ● The timestamp can be activated from 'Options(ESC) > Functionality > Display chat time'.
  ● When 'Display chat time' is activated, the timestamp of player's chat and combat log in chat window will be displayed.
  ● The timestamp format of the chat and combat log is unified, and it is displayed as an hour, minute, and second(hh:mm:ss).
Will be able to block the characters from other servers.
  ● It can be used via 'Character Block' in the menu that appears when you right-click on the character name in the chat window.
  ● It can also be used via entering the '/block character name@server name' in the chat window.
  ● A block list can be confirmed from the social tab of Community(Shift+V).

[Convenience - Folio Favorites]

Added the Folio Favorite feature.
  ● Added the favorite feature to a folio that allows you to collect designs that are frequently used in the folio.
  ● Designs can be added to the favorites via the star button in front of the design name.
  ● You can add to the favorites up to 30, but some discontinued or event designs are not available.

[Convenience - Odd Eye Customization]

Improved that all race's right and left eyes can be customized separately.

[Convenience - Bag Sort Feature Improvement]

Fixed that the item sort status of Bag, Warehouse, and Storage Chest to be maintained.


Changed some dialogue design and skillset selection/change UI design.
Added the proficiency scope for each rank on proficiency rank details.
Equipment Point of applicants can be confirmed from the Manage Applicants.
Changed the location of party member mark among the friend list.
Changed the icon of Natural Rubber.
Released the ArchePass, Blessing of Eustine.
The Daru Festival event has started.

Holy Dance King event has started.

[Cash Shop]

Added the event product that can be purchased with XL Cash.
- Synthesis Gear Bundle (1 per account) (~10/21 until the maintenance) (Link)
※ Can be purchased from Cash Shop > Main > Special
Added the event discount product that can be purchased with XL Cash.
- Wrapped Stormwraith Kirin (1 per account) (ArcheLife exclusive) (~10/21 until the maintenance)
※ (Bonus) 50 Manastorm Crystals are provided as a bonus upon purchase.
- Wrapped Saving Pendant (x5) (1 per account) (~10/14 until the maintenance)
※ Can be purchased from Cash Shop > Main > Special
Added the product that can be purchased everyday with Loyalty Token.
- Image Item: Werefox Robes (Link)
- Forest Fairy
- Siegeram Taurus Bundle
※ Can be purchased from Cash Shop > Coin only > Loyalty Token
Added the ArcheLife exclusive product that can be purchased with XL Cash.
- Wrapped Daru’s Mission: Great Worker (28 days) (~11/04 until the maintenance)
※ While using the ArcheLife, it can be purchased from Cash Shop > Main > ArcheLife Exclusive
Added the Monthly Special Pack(October).
- Daru's Pump-Up Bundle
- Equipment Growth Support Pack
- Manastorm Crystal (x100)
- Wrapped Lulu’s Mission: Nachash Token Crate (28 days)
- Wrapped 28-Day Radiant Hiram Infusion
- Wrapped 28-Day Hiram and Radiant Hiram Awakening Scroll
- Wrapped Lulu’s duty: ArchePass EXP scroll (28 days)
※ The Monthly Special Product has a limit to its purchase count once a month, per account. The count resets at every first scheduled maintenance of each month.
※ Quest Scroll items are fixed-term items that allow you to get daily quests and get certain daily rewards. (can proceed quest every day for 28 days)
※ You must meet the level requirement to use this item.

[Bug Fix]

Fixed an error that the wrong number of goals for Rum Runner Rapids achievement being displayed.
Fixed an issue that some of the mounts stuck into the wall when using the rider's escape skill.

Corrected a typo of 'Renewal' within the skill combo tooltip from Vitalism skillset.