[Event] Wish TreeEvent

2021-10-14 11:00

Wish Tree

 Event Period
After October 14, 2021 Maintenance ~ Before October 21, 2021 Maintenance
♣ Event Details
●  'Wish Tree Sapling' will be sent to your mailbox. (Once per account per day, Level 30 or higher) 
●  'Wish Tree Sapling' can be planted in fields, or your own farm/garden or you can ask a production to farmhands. (Planting in public area requires 100 Labor)
●  Harvesting matured 'Wish Tree Sapling' grants 'Wish Fruit'. It matures in 60minutes and can be gathered every 60minutes, up to 3 times(Farmhands-gathering also counts towards this).
●  Farmhands harvests  'Wish Tree Sapling' with a low chance of obtaining 'Bound Serendipity Stone'.
●  Only the owners can harvest from the Wish Tree.
♣ Rewards
Wish Fruit will contain rewards as below:
Icon Item Description
Manastorm Crystal The crystal swirls with powerful magic. It can be found by opening Locked Gold Crates. Used in crafting gliders, pets, mounts and their armor.
Bound Serendipity Stone Shard This shard was imbued with unknown luck. Spend 100 Labor to combine 10 Serendipity Stone Shards into 1 Serendipity Stone.

♣ Note
1. 'Wish Tree Sapling' event requires +30 Lvl.
2. The 'Wish Tree Sapling' will be sent to the mailbox of the character which you login and cannot be transferred to another character. 
3. Planting ‘Wish Tree Sapling’ in a public area costs 100 Labor.
4. Wish Tree will disappear if left unattended for 8 hours or harvested 3times.
5. Only the owner can harvest 'Wish Fruit’. 
6. Canceling the farmhand request will not refund the consumed labor, Vigor Point, seeds, and sapling.
7. Event items cannot be recovered once destroyed.