[Event] Warm Hearts Family MonthEvent

2021-11-18 11:00

Warm Hearts Family Month

 Event Summary
- Date: After November 18, 2021 Maintenance - Before December 2, 2021 Maintenance
- Participant: Lvl 50+ Players from all servers
- Location: Mirage Isle

 Event Details
1) NPC 'Familriri' and 'Warm Heart Exchange' will appear on Mirage Isle during the event period.
2) Acquire x1 'Warm Heart' by performing family missions and guild missions.
3) Accept 'Storybook for young Darus' daily quest from NPC 'Familriri'.
4) Complete the quest by delivering x3 'Paper', x1 'Memory Ink', and x1 'Leather' to 'Familriri'.

[Quest Details]
Quest Name Details Completion Reward
Storybook for young Darus
Bring the materials below to Familriri:
- Paper x3
- Memory Ink x1
- Leather x1
Honorable Potion Crate: Rank 5 x1
Warm Heart x3

5) Obtain up to 6 additional Warm Heart by completing the Family and Guild Missions during the event period
[Missions List]
Mission Type Group Mission Mission Name Completion Reward
Family Missions Community Center Supplies Chipping In
Family XP 100
Vocation Badge 1000
Warm Heart x1
Weave No Man Behind
Building a Reputation
Smelting Hearts
Lend Me a Tanner
Family Quest Family Quest: Ironwood Tree
Family XP 100
Vocation Badge 1500
Warm Heart x1
Family Quest: Royal Hive
Family Quest: Golden Sheep
Family Quest: Stonerind Pumpkin
Family Quest: Local Stew
Cargo Delivery Cargo Delivery

Onyx Archeum Essence x20

Warm Heart x1

Cargo Delivery
Guild Missions Colonizing Auroria A Grand Construction 1
Guild XP 20
Prestige 10
Warm Heart x3
A Grand Construction 2
Pirate Politics A Grand Construction 3
Construct the Haranyan Alliance Bridge
A Grand Construction Reinforce the Ramparts

 Event Rewards
Exchange your Warm Heart with various rewards below:
Image Item Name Amount Warm Heart Requirement
Yata Mini Fountain 1 70
Bound Serendipity Stone 1 45
Demigod Essence 1 27
Request Completion Ticket 1 18
Honorforged Medal 3 15
Luna Charm Rank 1 3 11
Manastorm Crystal 1 3
Farmhand Fruit 1 7
Adventurer's Winged Elixir 1 7

Accomplish Hidden Goals and receive the achievement:
Achievement Achievement Rewards
Storyteller of Winged god Building Management Title x10

1. The daily event quests require Lvl 50+ and reset at 24:00 (UTC +8) daily.
2. NPC Familriri will disappear after December 2, 2021 Maintenance.
3. 'Warm Heart' and 'Warm Heart Exchange’ will disappear after December 9, 2021 Maintenance.
4. All event items cannot be recovered.