[Announcement] Discount Error of Some Products at Cash ShopNotice

2021-11-12 13:38
Hello, this is ArcheAge.
After the Update on November 11, we confirmed that the discount rate was misapplied to some of Cash Shop's discounted products. And it was corrected via Cash Shop maintenance at around 2:20 PM today.
We will compensate the XL Cash as much as the difference to players who purchased the products with an error.
■ Target
  - Accounts who purchased the product with an error between November 11 after the maintenance ~ November 12 before the Cash Shop maintenance
■ Products with an Error
 - Wrapped Building Management Title (x2)
 - Wrapped Building Management Title (x10)
■ Compensation
 - Free XL Cash for the difference equal to the discount rate applied incorrectly will be compensated.
We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused,
and we will put our full effort to bring you better service.
Thank you