[Announcement] Opening of New Merged Server, 'Damian' (edited 01/06)Notice

2021-12-23 11:00
Hello, this is ArcheAge.

A new merged server 'Damian' will be opening on January 6, 2022.

♣ How Server is Merged

Characters from Nui and Tahyang server will be transferred to the new server, 'Damian'.

♣ Server Merge Date
No Date Details
1 December 23, 2021 after Maintenance
~ January 01, 2022 until Maintenance
- Announcement of the server merge
- Unable to pre-pay taxes
2 Monday, January 3, 2022
at 21:00 (UTC+8)
- Unable to list the items on Auction House(Nui & Tahyang)
3 Thursday, January 6, 2022
at 01:00 ~ 11:00 12:00 (UTC +8)
(edited 01.03)
- Server Merge Maintenance
4 Sunday, January 9, 2022
at 20:00 21:00 (UTC+8)
(edited 01.03)
- Opening the Housing Province of new merged server
※ Working time of merged server transfer can be shortened/extended depending on the situation.
※ When the housing province of merged server opens, the housing province in the neutral territory will not be protected.

♣ List of Server to be Merged
Previous Server Merged Server
Nui Tahyang Damian
※ Characters from Nui and Tahyang will be transferred to the new merged server, Damian. 
※ Maximum 2 characters are available in the new merged server, Damian. 

♣ Handling Duplicate Character Name

When the server is merged, all character names will be changed into a temporary name to prevent duplicates. And you can change your character name at your first log in to the merged server.
Step 1) First log in to the merged server
Step 2) Change the character name
Step 3) Game log in complete

♣ Server Merge Compensation

1) Server Merge Celebration Gift Box
Item Name Quantity
Title: Blessing of the garden 1
Bound Labor Recharger 3
Gilda Star 50
Loyalty Token 50
Divine Key 50
Honorable Victory Rank 5 2
Honorable Vocation Potion Rank 5 2
Kyrios Badge 50
Bound Tax Certificate 30
※ Cautions
1. From this moment of notice, ‘Integration Gift Pack’ will be delivered if there is a character with Lv30 or above in Nui and Tahyang server. (Compensation will not be delivered if there is no character with Lv30 or above)
2. One compensation box will be delivered for each account, and it will be delivered via the coupon box within 18:00 (UTC+8) after the server merge maintenance.
3. Coupon must be used within 30 days from the issue date, and it will not be provided again when it is expired.
4. All compensation items will be bounded when obtained, and not restorable if it is destroyed.
2) Additional Compensation for Housing Demolition

Housing Demolition Compensation
(Building Management Title)

Item Name  Quantity Provided 
Farm(small) 1
Farm(medium) 2
Farm(large) 5
Aquafarm 3
Small House 3
Medium House 5
Large House 10
Bungalow(medium) 5
Bungalow(large) 10
Chalet 15
Townhouse 10
Thatched Farmhouse 5
Upgraded Thatched Farmhouse  10
Treehouse 10
Manor 20
※ Cautions Regarding Housing Demolition Compensation
1. Housing demolition compensation and full kit designs will be provided to the characters who have completed housings until maintenance on Thursday, January 6. (Only for Nui and Tahyang server.)
2. Compensation will not be provided if you have demolished the housing before the server merge.
3. Workbenches are excluded from the housing demolition compensation list. (However, the full kit design will be provided when the completed workbench is demolished.)
4. If you already have a completed housing, do not demolish it. But retrieve the furniture and other items placed.
5. All compensations will be delivered sequentially after Thursday, January 6, 2022.
6. Pre-paid taxes cannot be restored, so please check the payment period before pre-paying the taxes.
3) ArcheLife Compensation
- Target: All accounts with the connection record between 
December 30, 2021 after the maintenance and January 6, 2022 before the maintenance
- Delivery Method: Archelife 1 day coupon will be delivered via the coupon box within 18:00 (UTC+8) after server merge maintenance on Thursday, January 6, 2022 Monday, January 10, 2022. (edited 01.06)
※ Cautions
1. Free ArcheLife 1 day coupon must be used within 30 days from the issue date, and it will not be provided again when it is expired.
2. ArhceLife coupon is applied when it is used in the coupon box. However, if you have already purchased the ArcheLife, the ArcheLife coupon will be scheduled, and you can check the schedule status from XL Cash > My XL Cash
3. ArcheLife provided from this event is not subject to refund.

♣ Information Regarding Data Transfer Initialization When the Server is Merged
Information Remains Information Deleted
- Character Status (Level/ Exp/ Item)
- Family Info (Family Name / Member Expansion)
- Mailbox (Including Attached Item)
- Cash Shop Mail
- Ranking Information (Executioner/ Sportsfishing)
- Housing (Full Kit Design Provided)
- Gold
- Guild (Members, Level, Prestige, etc.)
- Territory Building (Full Kit Design Provided)
- Crafting Request
- Farmhands Lv and EXP (added 12.24)
- Personal Skill Slot Shortcut Settings
- Not Retrieved Furniture/ Trade Pack
- Planted Plants (Including Paid Plants)
- Criminal Record (Crime Points and Infamy Points will remain)
- Housing Space- Auction House
- UCC Design (Compensation will be provided to those who have a Crest Ink with default design applied)
- Heroes’ authority and cloak- Leadership Point (Cumulative Leadership Points will remain)
- Friend List
- Territory and territory contribution related info (Territory income not distributed before the server merge will be extinguished.)
- Site recorded by using Memory Ink
- Farmhands production cost and ongoing production list (added 12.24)
※ Cautions
Items in Bag/Warehouse/Storage Chest will be transferred. Items placed in housing or farm will be destroyed and cannot be restored if they are not retrieved.

♣ Cautions When Server is Merged
- Auction House
Auction House information is not transferred, and it will be limited for 48 hours before the server merge to prevent any loss.
- UCC Design
Crest Ink will not be transferred.
All user’s designs will be initialized. When the server is merged, the characters will receive 5 golds for each of Crest Ink with default designs and they will receive Memory Ink for Crest Stamp. 
- Non-retrievable Furniture
Placed furniture that cannot be retrieved from housing will be initialized and cannot be restored.
- Trade Pack
When the server is merged, the trade pack placed on the farm and others will be initialized and cannot be restored.
Please sell the trade packs before the server merge.
- Hero
All heroes’ authority and cloak will be initialized when the server is merged. However, the last heroes from previous servers will be rewarded with “Glorious Armor Crate” after the server merge.
- Pre-paying Housing Taxes
Pre-paid taxes will be initialized when the server is merged.
After the maintenance on Thursday, December 23, 2021, players cannot pre-pay the taxes for a moment from Nui and Tahyang server, and pre-paid taxes cannot be restored.
- Resident Contribution
All resident contribution will be calculated when the server is merged.
- Decor Limit Increase
Decor Limit Increase items will be provided to characters who have housing with Decor Limit Increase applied until the server merge.
- Raising a Dragon
Authority to raise a dragon will be initialized, and the compensation for it will be further announced.
After the maintenance on Thursday, December 23, 2021, you cannot use the content of raising a dragon for a moment from the Nui and Tahyang server, and it will be available after the server merge.
- Housing Construction from Merged Server
Housing construction in the housing province from the merged server will be restricted when the merged server is opened.
Open Date of Housing Province : Saturday Sunday, (edited 01.06) January 9, 2022 at 8:00 9:00 PM (UTC+8) (edited 01.03)
Construction Materials are not needed for ‘full kit design’. However, deposits and taxes are imposed such as default housing construction.