[Event] Into the Sky!Event

2022-03-17 11:00

Event Period

Period: After March 17, 2022 Maintenance ~ Before March 31, 2022 Maintenance (2 Weeks)

Event Location

Mirage Isle (Haranya Housing Zone + parts of seaside area)

How to Participate

① Enter Mirage Isle and use the 'Worldgate: Sky Race' to go to the event area.

② Accept "Mirage Sky Race" quest from NPC Engineer Torry to obtain 'Fly to the sky ppabang summon scroll'.
   - When you accept the quest, you obtain 2 types of 'Fly to the sky ppabang summon scroll':
Fly to the sky Yata ppabang summon scroll Fly to the sky Greenman ppabang summon scroll

③ Summon Fly to the sky ppabang and drive it high on the rail using boost.
   - You must pass 4 points in total:
   - 1st - 3rd points are located on the rail.
   - The last 4th point, which is the jumping point, is located at the end of the rail.
   - After passing through 3 points on the rail, jump up to the sky at the 4th point targeting the center of red circles.

④ The reward is sent as soon as you land on the circle.
   - The number of Sky Race Coins from the rewards varies depending on the circle you land on (the inner the better).
   - If you land outside of the circles, reward cannot be obtained.
   - After landing, you return to the starting point automatically after a while.

⑤ Talk to NPC Engineer Torry to complete the quest and receive Sky Race Coins x10 and Sky Race Key x1.
   - Use the Sky Race Key to open the Sky Race Reward. 

Event Quest Basic Rewards
Quest Image Reward Name Quantity
Mirage Sky Race (Daily Quest) Sky Race Coin 10
Sky Race Key 1

Rewards per Landing Point (1 per day)
Reward Level Landing Point Image Reward Obtained Coins
Rank 1 Outer Ring Sky Race Reward: Rank 1 6
Rank 2 Inner Ring Sky Race Reward: Rank 2 8
Rank 3 At the Bullseye Sky Race Reward: Rank 3 12

Hidden Quests
Participate in the event eagerly to complete hidden quests.
Quest Image Rewards
Sky Racer Title: Sky Racer
Number One Title: Number One
Icon: Number One
What Are You Looking at? Title: Just an Apparition


Sky Race Gift Exchanger can be used when you have 'Sky Race Coin' which can be obtained as event quest basic rewards and rewards per landing point.
  • Sky Race Gift Exchanger is placed at the entrance of Mirage Isle and at the starting point of the event.
  • Exchange your Sky Race Coins with various rewards below:
Image Reward Name Quantity Required Sky Race Coins Bind Type
Small Inflatable Pool 1 200 Bound
Bound Serendipity Stone 1 60 Bound
Bound Resplendent Tempering Crate 1 50 Bound
Auroran Synthesis Stone Crate 1 30 Bound
Honorforged Medal 1 5 Bound
Luna Charm Rank 1 1 5 Bound
Decrystallization Scroll 1 15 Bound
Hiram Awakening Scroll 10 5 Bound
Radiant Hiram Awakening Scroll 5 5 Bound
Brilliant Hiram Awakening Scroll 3 5 Bound
(Not available for
SpellDance server)
Bound Labor Recharger 1 12 Bound
Adventurer's Winged Elixir 1 10 Bound
Manastorm Crystal 5 7 Bound
Unidentified Abyssal Enhancer 5 5 Bound
Radiant Infusion Supply Kit 5 5 Bound


Complete the achievement to get the rewards.
Achievement Image Rewards
Wants to Go Fast Title: Wants to Go Fast
Sky Race Reward: Rank 3 Title: It's-A Me
Icon: It's-A Me
Sky Jumper Title: Sky Jumper
Sky Racer Sky Racer Trophy


  1. The event daily quests are available for players over Lv30, and they will be reset every day at 00:00 UTC +8.
  2. NPC Engineer Torry, Fly to the sky ppabang summon scroll disappears at March 31(Thu), 2022 maintenance.
  3. Sky Race Reward: Rank 1~3, Sky Race Key, Sky Race Coin, Sky Race Gift Exchanger disappears at April 7(Thu), 2022 maintenance.
  4. Obtained Sky Race Reward will be destroyed when Mirage Sky Race quests are abandoned.
  5. Characters will be automatically returned and summons will be dead on the rail.
  6. All event items cannot be recovered if destroyed.
  7. Pets/mounts cannot be summoned and skills cannot be used near NPC Engineer Torry.