Patch Note March 17, 2022 (Part 2) (added 04/05)Update

2022-03-16 20:30
Hello, Heroes of Erenor! 
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[Sea Shanty/Pirate Chants Chronicle Quests and Ghost Ship Revamp]
  • New chronicles quests, Sea Shanty and Pirate Chants are added.
   ○ Achievements and titles related to Sea Shanty and Pirate Chants chronicle quests are added.
  • Ghost Ship and Delphinad Ghost Ship are revamped.
   ○ Changed parts of the collection and exchange method of Delphinad Ghost Ship Stone Slabs.
      ■ Only Nuia and Haranya Factions can obtain stone slabs when they successfully defeat
          the Delphinad Ghost Ship.
      ■ These slabs can be exchanged with the Shadow Merchant or can be reverted to Onyx Archeum Essence.
   ○ Only the Pirate Faction can obtain stone slabs when they successfully defend the Delphinad Ghost Ship.
      ■ These slabs cannot be exchanged with the Shadow Merchant but can be reverted to Onyx Archeum Essence.
   ○ Added Shadow Merchants to Two Crowns and Solis Headlands.
   ○ Added quests to reflect the changes to Ghost Ship and Delphinad Ghost Ship.

  • Resolved the quest queue issue during the race quest at the beginning of the Southern Continent.
  • Fixed system to prevent bottleneck effect in parts of Main quests.
  • Improved prior occupation rules so that collection and kill quests can be progressed if you participate in killing the monster. (added 04.05)
    - Improved the system that only allowed quest progression when individuals, parties, or raid groups had prior
      occupation of the monster.

Slaves will be destroyed by falling fireballs when summoned while battling with Glenn and Meina.

  • Modified the item tooltip of 'Liberated dimensional black scroll'.
  • Auto-usage is now available for 'Cooperation reward box'.
  • Few types of enhancers can now be stacked up to 1000.
   ○ Mysterious Abyssal Enhancer
   ○ Unidentified Abyssal Enhancer
  • Modified the selling price of Bound Resplendent Weapon/Armor Anchoring Tempering Charm.
  • Modified Twelve Constellations Wooden Crate item so that it cannot be destroyed.

Added crafting design recipe that allows you to change Hiram Awakening Scrolls of higher rank into those of lower ranks.
(Closed in SpellDance server) (added 03.17)

  • Payment assessing method of Blue Salt Pack was changed.
   ○ Passing through safe regions only or short routes may lead to disadvantage in assessing payment.
  • Resolved the issue of obstructing other players from delivering the Trade Packs to Trade Outlet by blocking the entrance of Cargo Ship Anchoring area in Austera with carts.
   ○ 3 ladders are added near Anchoring area so that players can climb up to land by ladders when the entrance
       is blocked by others.

  • Added the Guide Rest Area and ArchePaper at Mirage Isle for new and returning players.
  • Added Mirage Isle NPC at Wayfarer's Island Housing Province.

  • Modified the number of obtainable items at the Miner's Farmhouse.
  • Modified the chance to discover a Jackpot Vein at the Miner's Farmhouse.
  • Changed the icon of the door open/close skill of buildings.

  • Iron Ore can be additionally obtained from Stone Piles.
  • Modified the number of obtainable Iron Ores from Fortuna Veins.

[Vocation Badges]
  • Lowered the Vocation Badges earned from some Resident and Family quests.
  • Added Gilda Stars as rewards for some Family missions.
  • Vocation Badges earned from Harvesting now start at a minimum of 1 and up to a maximum of 50.

  • Removed achievements and titles related to the Blue Salt Brotherhood quests.
   ○ You can no longer obtain the [–Hunter] titles from Cinderstone Moor, Halcyona, Sanddeep, Hellswamp,
       Karkasse Ridgelands, Ynystere, Rookborne Basin, Windscour Savannah, Perinoor Ruins, and Hasla.

  • Increased sentences for crimes.
  • Requires more Robust Hammer Pieces and Tower Gate Key Shards for jailbreaks.
   ○ Required amount: 5 -> 10

[Gear Upgrade]
Required coins for upgrading following equipments in specific grades are decreased.
  • Brilliant Hiram Guardian Equipment (Epic~Eternal)
  • Hiram Guardian Equipment (Mythic)

  • Added search function to Bag, Warehouse and Storages.
   ○ You can search by the name of items, Category, Grade, and equip location if they can be equipped.
   ○ Previous tabs are reset and you can create up to 4 tabs and use them.
  • Changed the character deletion waiting time by level.
   ○ Level 1–29: 1 minute
   ○ Level 30–55: 1 hour
   ○ Ancestral Level 1 and above: 3 days

  • Features of Serpentis Dungeon are modified.
   ○ Deleted the stage that required long waiting and clearing time.
   ○ Activating portal to move to the last room no longer requires labor points.
  • Slightly decreased the waiting time for minimum required participants of Sea of Drowned Love and Serpentis.

[Instance Recruit]
  • Now you can leave the Instance team 5 seconds after entering the team.
  • Now you cannot enter the Instance team you are kicked out from again.

[Manastorm Shop]
  • Added following items to Manastorm Shop.
   ○ Crowood
   ○ Image Item: Dark Shaman's Raiment 
   ○ Bound Ultimate Elixir of the Hunt
   ○ Wrapped Bound Ultimate Elixir of the Hunt (x3)
   ○ Cherry Blossom Teleport Scroll
   ○ Flaming Teleport Scroll
   ○ Glaring Eyes Teleport Scroll
   ○ Merchant’s Archeum big tree containing mineral water
   ○ Bound Blue Salt Manual
   ○ Bound Blue Salt Manual (x3)
  • Deleted following items to Manastorm Shop.
   ○ Wrapped Deathmaw
   ○ Mirage Elk
   ○ Mirage Leomorph
   ○ Peeper Pot
   ○ Gargoyle Guardian Wings
   ○ Wrapped Mechanical Kraken
   ○ Reckless Ravager's Plate
   ○ Magithopter Image: Backpack
   ○ Wrapped Hermit Crab

ArcheLife benefits according to ArcheLife Rank are integrated into Rank 5 ArcheLife benefits.

  • Changed the name display design of summoned pets.
  • Added design to the input box of the Mail - Compose window.
  • Improved the Crime Details window design.
  • Improved the Verdict Details window design.
  • Improved the Skills - [Basic] tab window design.
  • Removed Territory Income info from the map.
  • Changed all drop-down menus to close when the menu is closed.
  • Changed the Report Inappropriate Language system.
   ○ There is now a daily report limit and you cannot place the same report within 1 minute.
  • Changed the included components of homecoming benefits.
  • Fixed the issue where UI and Chat settings would reset. (added 03.17)
   ○ The UI and Chat settings for all characters will reset after the update on March 17. 

[Bug Fixes]
Fixed the item tooltip of 'Master's Music Paper' where item details were partially mis-translated.
Fixed an issue of Defense - "Redoubt: Life" skill effect not being applied to oneself when equipping shield.
Fixed the skill detail tooltip of Defense - "Redoubt: Life".
Fixed the issue where equipment would occasionally disappear from the Bag.