[Event] Excited Jake's Synthesis Price Discount EventEvent

2022-03-24 11:00
Hello, this is ArcheAge.
We would like to inform you about Synthesis Price Discount Event available for all servers.
Please refer to the details below for further information.
-Event Period: After March 24, 2022 Maintenance ~ Before April 7, 2022 Maintenance (2 Weeks)
-How to Participate
  • 'Excited Jake' appears at Mirage Isle during the event period.
  • You can get 'Jake's Blessing' effect near 'Excited Jake'.
  • With 'Jake's Blessing' effect, you can synthesize items at discounted price.

[List of Items Available for Discounted Synthesis Price]
Discount Rate Synthesis Price Discount Available Items
Hiram Guardian Equipments
Main Quest Equipments
Noryette Accessories
Mistsong Rank 1 Weapons
Epherium / Delphinad Cloak
Costumes available for synthesis/Undergarments
Improved Pet Accessory
-Other equipments obtained from instances and raids that are not included in 0 ~ 50 % discount rate list
-Radiant Hiram Guardian Equipments
-Equipment of the library
-Luminous Noryette Accessories
-Mistsong Rank 2 Weapons
-Ayanad Cloak
-Red Dragon Equipments (Red Dragon)
-Kraken Equipments (Kraken)
-Soul Guardian
-Sturdy Pet Accessory
-Brilliant / Glorious Hiram Guardian Equipments
-Disciple’s Equipments
-Erenor Cloak
-Berserk Red Dragon Equipments (Red Dragon)
-Thunderwing Equipments (Titan)
Excluded -Erenor Equipments
-Awakened / Brilliant Erenor Equipments
-Exalted Hiram Guardian Equipments
-Sacred Place Equipments
-Radiant Noryettes Accessories
-Soulslake / Eminent Soulslake Equipments (Nehliya)
-Dread / Nefarious Dread Necromancer's Equipments (Anthalon)
-Wrathful / Ferocious Black Dragon's Equipments (Black Dragon)
-Vigilant Hermit's / Resolute Hermit's Equipments (Leviathan)
-Termisia's / Termisia's Merciless Equipments (Charybdis)
-Soul Liberator
-Eternal Anguish (Rangora)
-Raging Oath (Morpheus)
  1. You must be around 'Excited Jake' to get 'Jake's Blessing' buff effect.
  2. Synthesis price discount is not applied outside the range of 'Jake's Blessing' effect.
  3. Please check the discounted items and their discount rates on the list.
  4. All event items are not recovered.
We sincerely appreciate your love and attention to ArcheAge,
and we will do our best to provide you better playing environment.
Thank you.