[Event] Daru's Prank! Fool's Day Troubles (edited 03/31)Event

2022-03-31 11:00

Event Period

Period: After March 31, 2022 Maintenance ~ Before April 14, 2022 Maintenance (2 Weeks)

How to Participate

[Event 1]
Quest Details Image Reward
Suspicious prayer
  1. Accept 'Suspicious prayer' daily quest from Temple Priestess whose appearance is changed during the event period.
  2. Interact with the Temple Priestess with /gratitude /thank. (edited 03.31)
※ This quest is available for Lv50+ players.
※ Daru’s blessing potion:
   On use, Evasion Rate increases by 3%, Attack Speed increases by 41,
   and Cast Time reduces by 4% for 1 hour.
   # Remaining time keeps decreasing after log-out.
Daru’s blessing potion x3

[Event 2]
Quest Details Image Reward
Play with me
  1. Accept 'Play with me' daily quest from NPC Prankster Lulu who appears at Mirage Isle during the event period.
  2. Consume the 'Prankster Lulu’s astonishing potion' obtained from the quest.
  3. By 'Daroo’s prank' effect, your character's appearance changes into a random pet. (Time limit: 5 minutes)
  4. Find 'Prankster Lulu’s box' hidden across the Mirage Isle and open it to obtain 'Prankster Lulu’s antidote'.
※ This quest is available for Lv50+ players.
※ 'Prankster Lulu’s antidote' can be obtained while the quest is in progress.
※ While 'Daroo’s prank' effect is persisting, you cannot use skills,
   ride or summon pets, or ride gliders.
Honorable Potion Crate: Rank 5 x1
Greater ArchePass XP Boost x1
Drink antidote
  1. 'Drink antidote' daily quest is accepted automatically when 'Play with me' quest is completed.
  2. Complete the quest by consuming 'Prankster Lulu’s antidote' to remove 'Daroo’s prank effect.
※ This quest is available for Lv50+ players.
※ This quest can be accepted after completing 'Play with me' quest.
Manastorm Crystal x3
Greater ArchePass XP Boost x1


Participate in the event eagerly to acquire hidden achievements.
Achievement Image Reward
Daroo’s prank Title: Searching for antidote
Icon: Antidote
Title: Golden handy
Manastorm Crystal x30
Bound 15-Day Salon Certificate x1


  1. Event quests are available for players over Lv50.
  2. All daily quests will be reset every day at 00:00 UTC +8.
  3. 'Daroo’s prank' effect is removed when 'Play with me' quest is abandoned or fails to complete the quest.
  4. 'Prankster Lulu’s antidote', 'Prankster Lulu’s box', 'Prankster Lulu' disappears at April 14(Thu), 2022 maintenance.
  5. All event items cannot be recovered if destroyed.