[Event] Treasure HunterEvent

2022-04-14 11:00

Event Period

Period: After April 14, 2022 Maintenance ~ Before April 28, 2022 Maintenance (2 Weeks)

How to Participate

① 'Daru Treasure Key' x1 is sent via mail to the character that logged in first during the event period.
    Maintain online status, and 'Daru Treasure Key' can be obtained if you are using ArcheLife.
   - If using ArcheLife, Daru Treasure Key x1 is sent to the character that is online every 1 hour via mail.
     (5 per account everyday)
     ■ 'Daru Treasure Key' disappears at April 28, 2022 06:00.
   - Find 'Daru Treasure Chest' and open it with Daru Treasure Key obtained by maintaining online status.
   - You can open the Daru Treasure Chest by consuming Daru Treasure Key x1 and 50 Labor Points.

② Accept daily quest 'Daru Treasure' from NPC Treasure Collector Golo.
   - During the event period, NPC Treasure Collector Golo appears at Mirage Isle.
     ■ 'Treasure Collector Golo' disappears at April 28, 2022 06:00.
   - During the event period, Daru Treasure Chest appears at Mirage Isle.
     ■ 'Daru Treasure Chest' disappears at April 28, 2022 06:00.

Quest Details Image Reward
Daru Treasure Open a Daru Treasure Chest hidden across Mirage Isle.

※ This quest is available for Lv50+ players.
※ Daru Treasure Key x1 and 50 Labor Points are required for opening a Daru Treasure Chest.
ArchePass XP Boost x1


Following items can be obtained from Daru Treasure Chest.

Type Image Reward Name Quantity
Basic Reward Manastorm Crystal 2
Obtained by Chance Honorable Victory Rank 5 1
Honorable Vocation Potion Rank 5 1
Bound Savory Bread 10
Bound Aromatic Soup 10
Fruit of Effort 1
ArcheBlessing: 3 Days 1
Honorable Victory Rank 3 1
Honorable Vocation Potion Rank 3 1
Bound Alluvion Love 10
Bound Stormraw Wave 10
Brilliant Hiram Awakening Scroll 5
Manastorm Crystal 10
Honorable Potion Crate: Rank 1 1
Manastorm Crystal 30
Image Item: Captain's Leathers 1
Bound Serendipity Stone 1
Pouch of Prosperity 1
Bound Lucent Serendipity Stone 1


Open as many Daru Treasure Chests as you can to acquire hidden achievements.

Achievement Image Rewards
Treasure Hunt ArchePass XP Boost x10
Treasure Hunt Title: Master Treasure Hunter
Icon: Treasure Map
Manastorm Crystal x50


  1. Daru Treasure Key, Daru Treasure Chest, Treasure Collector Golo disappears at April 28(Thu), 2022 maintenance.
  2. The event daily quests are available for players over Lv50, and will be reset every day at 00:00 UTC +8.
  3. Daru Treasure Key is sent to the character that is online via mail, and resets every day at 06:00 UTC +8.
  4. The sent items cannot be transferred to another character.
  5. All event items cannot be recovered if destroyed.